Nurse bling! Personalized tumblers

We’re all aware that buying copious amounts of single-use plastic water bottles and then tossing them (even if you recycle!) isn’t exactly the best plan for saving the environment. One easy-peasy way to eliminate your earthly guilt is by buying one awesome reusable tumbler and doing just that–reusing it everyday to stay hydrated.

Whether you always use it for H20 or find yourself mixing it up with some iced tea or Gatorade, a reusable tumbler is a great way to show off a little of your personality while having a constant reminder to keep filling your busy nurse’s body with all-important liquid fuel.

We think one great option in your quest to find the perfect container is this handmade nurse-themed cup from Etsy seller The Pompous Piglet. For $14, you get to customize the tumbler with your name, a favorite font and a large selection of color choices. So whether you nab this baby for yourself or wrap it up as a holiday gift for the coworker who had your back all year, it’s sure to delight both yourself and those around you. Cheers!

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