Screen printed tote bag

We really want to open this ‘tote bag for nurses’ post with a pun about how nurses are constantly carrying a heavy load. Perhaps another one about the heavy burdens that nurses must bear. We apologize for the corniness. All silly word play aside, we appreciate your sacrifice. And we aren’t the only ones!
Over on Etsy, Sprawl Ink has created this tote bag especially for nurses. So whether you’ve been needing some extra baggage help for gym clothes, work stuff or items for the kiddos in your life, she’s got you covered.

To all current and past nursing students, she writes, “Thank you for giving your life up for some time to learn how to save mine! I appreciate it!” The tote comes in natural or white and ships from Miami. ($16)

Would you carry this bag? What “nurse pride” items would you love to see? Let us know in the comments.

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