Nurse bling: You’re getting very sleepy…


“Sleep to dream.” 
That’s a cute expression and all, but let’s be real—nurses sleep to reboot and recharge, kind of like an iPhone, which isn’t at all romantic. The goal? To avoid making a calamitous error while on the clock, or to curb stress levels that go from zero to 100 faster than your lunch break.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that a nurse is nearly always short on sleep, and thus of the “I’ll take it where I can get it” mentality—even when the conditions aren’t exactly ideal. As in your shift just ended at 8:30am, and you’re pretty sure your neighbor is mowing and practicing the electric guitar simultaneously. 

Needless to say, our hearts go out to you, if only because sleep should never fall under the category of “ain’t nobody got time for that.” But sleep deprivation is almost a part of your (unofficial) job description, so you make do.

Because we’re here for you, we want to help. So, as per usual, we took to Etsy to find some items that are meant to fully support a good night’s sleep. Hopefully you can keep your eyes open long enough to reach the end of the list (we were kind and kept it at six).



To be honest, not even we’re sure that this sign is meant to be taken seriously. Which is why we suggest that you scribble “Not JKing” along with an illustration of a skull and crossbones somewhere along the bottom.

Maybe set a bear trap outside of your door somewhere, too. Just as backup, you know?

Find it here.



So it turns out there are a lot of darling sleep masks to choose from when browsing Etsy, but we went with this one because we can suggest that you treat yourself to a “cat nap” and feel really clever about it.
Find it here.

Just a gentle reminder for your partner…
If they want to live.
Are we right or are we right?
Find it here.

We hear lavender is a huge facilitator of heavy eyelids. So is chamomile. And what do ya know? This soy candle has BOTH. So, in other words, it was born to help you sleep better. Or, as the seller notes, to promote “well-being” and “relaxation.”
Just make sure you blow this bad boy out before hitting the hay. You know, for obvious reasons.
Find it here.

Everybody loves a good pillow.
As for a pillow filled with sleep-inducing scents? There are no words….
Except, maybe, for BRILLIANT.
Find it here.

We know you’ve been in a long-term relationship with coffee for many years now, but we promise that a cup of sleepy-time tea here or there isn’t really cheating.
Besides, if it helps you get some much needed shut-eye, then we’re of the opinion that it may be time for a hall pass….
Find it here.

We’re dying to know—which item caught your tired eye? Tell us in the comments section below!

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