Nurse cartoons – wristbands for all

Life as a nurse is sometimes funny. And sometimes it’s so UNfunny that you REALLY REALLY need something funny. So, do you need a laugh? We think the RX is nurse cartoons – the perfect way to poke fun at the lighter side of nursing (yes, there is one!)!

nurse cartoon

Copright Grantland Cartoons. May not be reproduced.


Grantland Cartoons

W. Grant Brownrigg started Grantland in 1984. Before that, he had hands-on experience in sales, marketing, training, operations, human resources, and general management. He has worked in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, banking, consulting, and computer software. He was graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a BA degree in history; he received his MBA from Columbia Business School, Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. Despite predictions by his parents, teachers, and classmates, he has not yet spent any time behind bars. Grant also is married to an RN, who is a great source of inspiration for his cartoons about life in the hospital setting.

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6 Responses to Nurse cartoons – wristbands for all

  1. i like the cartoons they are funny

  2. Dianne

    Have you ever answered your home phone with your units name and your full name and title? lol. I’ve done that, only once, but almost more before catching myself. Psych here I come! lol

  3. mardi

    I have done that more than once, and when I changed hospitals, I have answered the phone with the other hospitals name. I just say sorry forgot where I was at.

  4. Love the wristband cartoon! Thanks.

  5. Maria

    I always tell my patients: “I have to make sure they didn’t change you while I was gone”

  6. CathyCatheter LVN

    What’s worse is speaking to your family in medical terms. I get a lot of confused looks!