Nurse cartoons — nightmare

Life as a nurse is sometimes funny. And sometimes it’s so UNfunny that you REALLY REALLY need something funny. So, do you need a laugh? We think the RX is nurse cartoons – the perfect way to poke fun at the lighter side of nursing (yes, there is one!)!

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Benita Epstein

Before becoming a freelance cartoonist, Benita Epstein conducted scientific and medical research for twenty years at several universities. She figured she had gathered enough funny material to last a lifetime in her new humorous career.Her award winning cartoons have appeared in hundreds of publications including The New Yorker, Barron’s, Wall St. Journal, American Scientist, Reader’s Digest, greeting cards, textbooks, newspapers, trade journals and merchandise.She appears on Fridays worldwide in The Six Chix. Reprints available for PowerPoints, newsletters, custom cartoon :

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2 Responses to Nurse cartoons — nightmare

  1. Jan

    I just came across this site last evening. This is so much fun and so needed. I have been an RN for 39 yrs. (in June). There have always been funny things that happen on the job. I don’t mean inappropriate things, but, it seems someone who has no sense of humor always happens to see nurses sharing a laugh, and takes it the wrong way. I had a supervisor at one job write up a couple of us because a visitor thought we were ‘not doing our job’, and there was no defending ourselves. Why must people make life so difficult when all we want to do is our best in caring for others????

  2. dmhskm

    My nurse nightmare always has me back in the ICU. It’s almost time to report off, I haven’t done a thing all day, and I’m sleeping at the nurses station desperately trying to wake up and get things done.