Nurse cartoons – the perfect medication

Life as a nurse is sometimes funny. And sometimes it’s so UNfunny that you REALLY REALLY need something funny. So, do you need a laugh? We think the RX is nurse cartoons – the perfect way to poke fun at the lighter side of nursing (yes, there is one!)!


Cartoon Resource is the online stock and custom cartoon service for print, presentation and advertising media. has provided visuals for thousands of clients to improve the eye appeal and entertainment value of their content. Nursing and healthcare are two of the primary topics where you can find on-target cartoons and illustrations by going to and using the search terms nursing or medicine or healthcare.

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2 Responses to Nurse cartoons – the perfect medication

  1. Renee Steele

    “I MUST make my bowels move.” (the b&b book shows that she has already had 4 large movements every day for 3 days, but she’s persistant that she has to go again today, and that white liquid is what she must have)

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