Nurse Confessions! Part II

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On the heels of our wildly popular, somewhat controversial Never Have I Ever, Part I, we bring you a sequel.

A recap: Did you ever play “Never have I ever…” back in college?

If you did, you know how absolutely inappropriate, revealing, and deliciously fun the game can be! Now you get to do again, but as a nurse. And with PURE anonymity.

We queried a range of nurses about their most secret confessions. Some are tame. Some are wild. Some are heartbreaking.

Click through, vote, and see how many other nurses have had the same experiences as you.

Never have I ever…

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4 Responses to Nurse Confessions! Part II

  1. Amy

    Never have I ever had to pass gas while at the patients bedside.

  2. Shauna

    Never did I have a patient who was incontinent of veggie soup watery poop and was too late for supper at the cafeteria and had to eat the same kind of veggie soup

  3. Susan

    Wow as an ER nurse, the only 2 that I can honestly say I have never,ever is having a relationship with a patient outside of work and having to leave the room with the giggles. Pretty much we just stay in the room and start laughing. I mean in a big ER if we left everytime a patient said something funny or outright stupid then we would never get anything done.

  4. Helen Marshall

    I once worked with a resident who thought he was the most beautiful wonderful thing God ever made. I was walking through the nurses station and he was bent over the counter , his scrub top and bottom had seperated and you could see his SCARLET RED SILK UNDERWEAR. I was laughing so hard I had to run into the kitchen so no one could see me. Another nurse came in and said “What’s going on?” I said “Cassanova’s (not his real name but close) got on red silk underwear. She laughed so hard she was holding her stomach. By the time we left the kitchen he had pulled his scrubs together and tried not to look like someone had said something to him.