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Nurse Faces Federal Charges for Mailing Feces to Husband’s Ex-Wife


A nurse is under fire for using the U.S. Post Office to carry out a revenge scheme against her husband’s ex-wife. Della Marie Gibson of Tennessee faces charges after allegedly mailing feces and blood-stained feminine products to the other woman involved in the incident. It’s the latest spat between the two in what appears to be an ongoing feud.

Suspicious Packages

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has filed a criminal complaint against the nurse for violating postal service rules on the handling of biohazardous materials. The agency says she mailed packages containing human blood-stained feminine products and feces twice in April. Federal rules say that biological material, such as human waste, is not permitted in domestic mail except when it is meant for medical or veterinary use.

The report says the RN worked at Parkwest Medical Center. She consented to an interview, where she admitted to mailing the offending materials to show “the kids” that the ex-wife is lazy. She told them that she has worked hard for everything she has, and the ex-wife doesn’t work and lives off the system.

Gibson also admitted to sending a letter to the ex-wife’s daughter, who is a minor, which contained derogatory statements, including, “You are poor white trash faking a fancy life,” and “your mom is broke and lazy & won’t pay her bills.”

The hospital later confirmed that the blood used in the package was from a patient at the facility.

Gibson also admitted to sending another package to the ex-wife from Parkwest Medical Center. The package label listed “Women’s Health Specialist” under the return address with the words, “New Patient” in red ink on the front. She admitted to using the hospital’s “New Patient” stamp for admissions to make the letter look official.

Authorities arrested Gibson and she was fired from her job a short while after. She has been released on bond. Documents show the arrangements for her release. She isn’t allowed to travel or use alcohol. Gibson must also avoid contact with the ex-wife and her children. She is also forbidden from seeking employment in the medical field. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 28th for charges related to stalking, harassment, and vandalism.

A Shitty Feud

This isn’t the first time Gibson has tried to send a “message” to her husband’s ex-wife.

In March, authorities arrested Gibson on vandalism charges after the ex-wife’s kids discovered her car damaged in the school parking lot. The nurse admitted to intentionally causing the damage, which totaled $1,000. It’s not clear what set off the dispute in the first place.

Watch out for suspicious packages, especially if they smell like shit. 

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