A Nurse’s Guide To Black Friday 2017


Shopping is a wonderful temporary vacation from the world of nursing. And you cannot consider yourself a true shopper until you shop on Black Friday at least once. As a nurse, you must find a way to enjoy everything Black Friday offers while keeping up with your hectic work schedule. Fortunately, here is everything you need to know to make the most of your 2017 Black Friday.

Mark Important Dates

For Black Friday 2017, Nov. 24 is the day to remember. If you participate in Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25 is the day to remember. Then, you have Cyber Monday on Nov. 27. Furthermore, there are businesses such as eBay and Amazon that set up sales for several weeks leading up to Black Friday. So, you could go shopping right now.

Create a List

Anytime you shop, it is in your best interest to create a shopping list. Otherwise, you may buy lots of extra stuff, which really puts a drain on your bank account. If you create a list and stick to the list, you can have fun and not break the bank in the process. Namely, ask yourself two things as you shop – do you really need this item, and is this item on your list?

Act Fast

If there is a deal or discount you want to take advantage of on Black Friday 2017, you must act fast. Shoppers show no remorse on this shopping holiday, and chances are good a lot of other people want the same deal you think you might want.

Shop Smart

Black Friday is a day to purchase electronics, appliances, gaming systems, televisions, and video games. It is not a day to purchase toys, clothing, furniture, and decorations. Truthfully, most stores schedule massive sales on toys a few weeks before Christmas to bring out the last-minute shoppers.

Online or in Store?

Shopping Black Friday online is less hectic than shopping in store, but you miss out on some of the thrills of the shopping holiday. If you decide to shop in store, make sure you dress prepared for battle with comfortable clothing and shoes.

Now Is the Time to Blog

A nurse aspiring to be a blogger is common. After all, you have tons of great nursing stories to share with the world. Black Friday is the perfect day to look for a website host and to purchase a domain name. You can get both at a discount from several different platforms. You can also find a web designer offering Black Friday discounts to design and set up your blog for you.

Websites to Watch

Fortunately, there are many websites that spend tons of time scoping out the best Black Friday deals. Instead of searching for the deals yourself, you just need to follow these websites. As a nurse, you do not have as much time as some other people do to scope out the sales. So, following this list of websites will come in handy.
Brad’s Deals

Sniff Out Sales Before Thanksgiving

Most guides suggest sniffing out deals and sales on Thanksgiving to prepare for Black Friday. The problem is, some Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving. If you wait until Thanksgiving to sniff out sales, you might miss out on some of the really good sales that start just before midnight. Furthermore, there are even some stores that run Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving morning.

Do you plan on trying to buy some scrubs to add to your wardrobe on Black Friday this year? Check out our article “6 Insider Tips For Buying Scrubs Online” for everything you need to know.

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