Nurse In distress calls coworker before 911


“She was saying she had a bad headache, the worst ever and she felt like she wanted to go to sleep,” Thorwald said. “At one point she told me, if she went to sleep, she didn’t think she would wake up.” –

When Sharon Thorwald, RN, CAPA, became a nurse, she probably had no idea she would one day save the life of a coworker.   But that’s exactly what happened when fellow nurse, Alicia Garza, called in sick one day.

According to the article, “Texas Nurse Saves Coworker’s Life” at, Garza called Thorwald for help as she began to suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage.  While Garza’s body was shutting down, Thorwald was able to convince her to hang up the phone and dial 911.

“If they had not interrogated me about my condition on the phone, I’d have hung up the phone and gone to sleep and may not have woken up again,” Garza said. “I’m a walking miracle.  Most people who have what I did do not survive or [it has] left their body paralyzed.”

After four months in the hospital, Garza was well enough to return to work.  A year later Garza continues to improve.

The full story is available at   If you have a story about a nurse who saved you, please email us at he***@sc*******.com.


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