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Nurse Jackie poll: Has your patient ever contracted something at the hospital?


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Nurse Jackie is back in action! Episode two of season five  – “Luck of the Drawing” – aired Sunday night. In the ep, Jackie and Kevin bump heads when he demands full custody of the girls, and an old patient returns to the hospital with sepsis that he contracted during his first visit. Toward the end, Jackie has to convince Coop not to quit when he isn’t named ER chief.


Still haven’t gotten around to kicking off season five? For a short time, Showtime will be streaming the premiere episode on their website–for free! The also have tons of fun extras on the site, including a blog and an “anatomy of Jackie” diagram that shows off all she’s been through over the course of the series.

For those devoted fans, we’ll also be here all season watching right along with you, peppering you with poll questions! This week, we want to know:

Has your patient ever contracted something at the hospital?

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What are you most looking forward to in the storylines this season? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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