Nurse Mendoza’s 7-point checklist for safe medication administration

Administering medication…

It’s a daily task for nurses. Standard, really, and yet so very far from “Nursing 101.”

Not only is administering medication an easy target for human error, but also the magnitude of repercussions can be enormous—embarrassing at best, fatal at worst. All of which is why nurses, both new and veteran alike, should always complete a checklist of seven (yes—seven) steps when administering medication.

In this week’s episode of “The Nurse Mendoza Show” on ScrubsBeat, Nurse Mendoza offers a full rundown of the seven essential steps that should be applied to the process, from double-checking vital information to educating a patient’s loved ones.

Watch the video below to hear Mendoza’s seven crucial reminders, and then share any other questions or comments you might have below!

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2 Responses to Nurse Mendoza’s 7-point checklist for safe medication administration

  1. cindy norton

    Residents with dementia I work with these folks every day and one of them also has streets. Dementia residents are far more the hardest as far as I’m concerned

  2. UnicoRN23

    What about the right to refuse? As nurses we need to be our patient’s advocate always. Part of that advocacy is remembering that they are autonomous beings and should be active decision makers in the planning of their healthcare.