Nurse salaries 2015: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

It’s classic etiquette: Never discuss politics or religion in public—and particularly not in the workplace. For most of us, discussing salary also falls on this list of forbidden topics.

However, knowing how your salary stacks up to other nurses in your area can be crucial to your career planning process. With nursing salaries on the rise, learning where you stand among your colleagues can help determine if you should be happy where you are or if it’s time to update the ol’ resume.

With that in mind, we’ve created the 2015 nurse salaries guide.

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The charts below, from, display the median salaries of a variety of nursing positions for different levels of experience. Nurses enter real salaries on the site, and the numbers are continually updated as more nurses respond. (As you know, nurse salaries will vary greatly from region to region and city to city. Additionally, it’s important to note that some positions have less respondents than others.)

We want to know: How do these salaries compare to those in your area? Sound off in the comments below.


RN Salary by Years of Experience


CNA Salary by Years of Experience


LPN Salary by Years of Experience


Staff Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Charge Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Nurse Practitioner Salary by Years of Experience


Emergency Room Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Operating Room Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Psychiatric Nurse (RN) Salary by Years of Experience



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27 Responses to Nurse salaries 2015: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

  1. ORKathi

    How about RNFAs?

  2. Rhonda Parker

    I make about 7000 less than what is charted here for my years of experience

  3. Becky Kahn

    I make about $25,000 more than listed for LVN.

  4. Ladyzd

    Have you checked Salaries
    for Dialysis LPN and Rn.

  5. Sundevilnurse05

    ROFLMAO….I am earning $7/hr LESS than the median for my years of experience, and I am BSN, CWOCN, CFCN, employed in northeastern Indiana. Where are nurses making all this money???????????

  6. Jenn8973

    Why is it that everyone under a charge nurse’s pay goes down after 20 yrs of experience?

  7. stacys2278

    I’m a RN with 20 years experience and I make 35k more than this scale but I live in California. I think it’s widely variable depending on what part of the country you’re in.

  8. bdt3939

    There is a very large population of Jail medical and Detention/ prison Nursing that needs to be included, our nurses are left out of almost all of these types of surveys.

  9. KatyLPN

    As an LPN working Clinical Research in west, central Florida, I make $10,000 more than what is listed.

  10. Lorrie Hinton

    I make quite a bit more than the highest in 20+ years experience. I live in California.

  11. dtbroadnax

    I’m a new grad LPN and I work 40/hr a week in long term care. I earn 22.35/hr and will make $46,488 this year. It seems that new grad RN’s are getting a bad deal since I’m making more. I’m entering a 1 yr LPN to RN articulation next August. When I see salary info like this, it makes me have seconds thoughts about continuing my education. Makes me wonder if it is worth it? :-(

    • singprettynursejen

      What city/state are you in?

      • vtnurse86

        I’ve been working as a Correctional LPN for the past 4years and make more than starting salary at the local hospitals for new grad RN by quiet a lot. I myself wondered why I should go back and continue my education. I am currently enrolled and graduate in May as an RN and let me tell you it is worth it. I may not make any more when I come out but I have gained a huge wealth of knowledge

  12. Amanda Claybrook

    I’m a first year staff nurse, I make about $12000 below the median.

  13. suzdown

    Here in CA; RN’s salaries do vary but for the most of us, can top over 6 figures…easily

  14. Kay Landers

    I beg to differ with the CNA wages. IF I was working 40 hrs a week, which I am NOT, I would still only make $ 17280 a year. I have more than 20 years as a CNA. This is Idaho….They only pay $9.00 an hour. There definitely needs to be a more equal wage across the country.

    • Assaul2009

      This is an average across the board…wages can’t be the same everywhere because cost of living is not the same everywhere. My grandma owns a nice home in MO for 90,000, and pays 1.68 for a gallon of milk..I live in cali, a home her size is 300,000, and I pay almost 4.00 for milk….the same wage across the board obviously would not be okay.

      • SJ1975

        Where is anyone paying $1.68 for a gallon of milk? I’m in MO and paying $4.69…….
        Just saying that while I know cost of living changes throughout the country, I don’t feel that we should have a huge difference in pay for the same job. In my current CNA position I make $28,000 annually while I know others, with same experience (20 years) right down the street, making $18,000. That’s a pretty large gap in the same community…………
        My biggest issue, however, is the fact that companies are paying CNA’s just over minimum wage for a job in which they are accountable to state agencies, held to a strict standard and barely making more than the guy who washes your car………now does that seem fair????

    • trose719

      You are certainly worth more than that! Especially with 20 years under your belt! When I was fresh out of high school back in 2002…I started my first CNA job at a nursing home making $13/hr…in Pennsylvania. In 2005 I worked in Delaware at a nursing home and made $12/hr. In 2011 I was making $16.75/hr when I left a nursing home in Pennsylvania. I was out in Utah in 2013 looking for a job and the most I was offered was $11/hr…which to me was a punch in the throat. There was no way I was gonna work somewhere that offered me $2 less than what I had started at 11 yrs prior when I was a brand new 18 yr old CNA. Now I’m in my 14th yr as a CNA and currently work at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania and I am making $19.40/hr.

    • trose719

      I’m also due for a raise in August. I get one every 6 months. So I will be up to $19.56/hr


    I am currently making $65k as a staff nurse in Oregon; BSN, RN, PCCN with 2 years experience. The PCCN doesn’t change my salary, but at our facility the BSN will get you $3-4 more per hour.

  16. volleyball1

    I have been a staff RN for one year as of August 2015. I was an LVN from 2005-2014 and then I did the transition program. Most hospitals give LVNs one year of RN pay for every two years of LVN experience so I received four years pay as an new RN going into my job. One job paid me $31.50/hr to start and then five months later, another hospital started me at $36/hr plus I receive shift differentials for working weekends and night shifts so may base annual salary is $67,392 which does not include all the bonuses and shift differentials that I make. So, according to the scale given here, I am making more than a twenty year nurse. Salary is definitely dependent on where you live. As an agency nurse you can make way more money.

    • volleyball1

      I forgot to include that I am a associate degree nurse making this salary. I am currently enrolled in a BSN program.

  17. dezntiff2

    I don’t where this info is based on but I make a 6 figure salary as an RN in Los Angeles CA… I make more than a nurse practitioner according your scale. I’ve been a nurse for 18 yrs and started as a new grad at $40,000. Now, our CNA’s make that at my employer…

    • trose719

      I live in Pennsylvania and have been a CNA for 14 years and I actually made $40,000 last year. I’m actually making more per hour than any LPN’s that I know. The pay scale for CNA’s unfortunately is not equal across the board. I lived in Utah for a couple months back in 2013…and the most I was offered was $11/hr. In 2005 I was in Delaware working at a nursing home that only started me off at $12 but yet in Pennsylvania back in 2002 when I was a brand new CNA with no experience…I started off making $13/hr. It really doesn’t make any sense. CNA’s work hard. But yet most are underpaid. Hopefully one day that will change….

  18. maggiejrn

    I guess it’s time to move! Most RN’s in and around the Johnstown PA area are lucky if they make $24.00/hr! (that’s with 20 to 25 years experience) If you complain management has no problem telling you if you don’t like it there’s the door. There’s 100 other RNs who are looking for a job!

  19. Jmh0613

    RN w/ ASSOCIATES degree and 7 years of experience in Detroit Metro area making $74, 500 as an RN Case Manager.