8 nurse-y resolutions that will stick

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Resolutioners are running amuck!

It’s the time of the year when you are reflecting on those promises you made last month. You know — what you vowed, promised and declared you were going to improve.

These proclamations ranged from the smallest to the largest feats.

We all know the most common resolutions have to do with your health in some way.

Why do we poke fun at this habit of yearly resolutions? Mostly because the yearly resolution has become somewhat of a bad omen (sort of like saying the Q-word on a nursing unit). Your resolution is almost never completed in its entirety.

Here’s what I think about making resolutions as a nurse and (ahem) keeping them!

Nurse-y resolutions!

For nurses looking to improve their overall well-being in 2012, here’s a list of resolutions that can very easily apply to most nurses:

  1. Bring my lunch to work (more often or a certain number of times per week)
  2. Stop snacking on goodies at work
  3. Stop bringing money to buy vending machine food
  4. Stop feeling guilty about not picking up extra shifts (or calling off for being sick)
  5. Be more of a team player (help one person each shift )
  6. Stop feeling guilty about leaving tasks for the next shift
  7. Cut back on coffee and/or fast food
  8. Quit smoking

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:


Since when do you need a date on a calendar to start a goal? Pick an arbitrary day and commit. Just because you chose a goal at the start of the new year does not guarantee its success. That said, what better time to start than the new year?

Too much

For some reason, people “go big or don’t go at all.” The best goals are made in small increments. Baby steps forward are much more effective than backpedaling.

Too little

Your yearly resolution doesn’t need to be accomplished in a set time frame. There is nothing wrong with completing your goal later in the year. Just be sure to set a due date! It’s there to motivate you and serve as an evaluation tool along the course of the year.

Peer pressure

Nothing brings out the best in you like some friendly competition. The competitive spirit is inside all of us–sometimes we just need a good push. Just be sure to remind yourself that your goals are unique, and so are your accomplishments. So quit drawing expectations from others.


A resolution is about improving your life, not making it worse. Try your best to keep a positive attitude. We all know that making changes to accommodate a new workout regimen or wean off of stimulants like coffee or cigarettes can feel like hell. Be sure to keep going. Imagine the reward for all your hard work and sacrifice. That thing you call torture will eventually become a habit and then a part of your new, healthier lifestyle. YOU DESERVE IT!

One last tip! Resolutions are all about making YOU and your new goal a priority. Don’t go in circles by starting-failing-stopping-starting-failing-stopping. Keep your goals out of the wash cycle!

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