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Finding a way to encourage rest and rejuvenation while also sparking an entrepreneurial movement is not an easy task. Doing this in the middle of a pandemic for the people who have spent the last year on the front lines proved to be much more difficult than I thought… but not for the reasons you’re thinking as you read.

I created Nurses In Business Take Cabo as the mastermind for my Watch My Flo brand. This project has been one I’ve wanted to see come to fruition for a long time. I’ve hosted Watch My Flo business start up classes across the country for years. I’ve seen them grow from a few people to selling out in hours.

I’ve personally experienced the change in our field and the desire to grow out of bedside care and into business ownership.

What this pandemic has taught me is how quickly you want out and how dedicated you are building your business.

April 22-26, 2021, approximately one hundred nurses will convene in Cabo San Lucas for our mastermind. I’ve also opened up space for the event to be livestreamed. I’m expecting hundreds to join us on the live stream too.

When you tune into it, you’ll receive content and connections from nurses who were just like you at one point or another… Wanting to see what else was available to them but unsure how to grow a passion into a business. Each person speaking at Nurses in Business Take Cabo has a track record of success and can show you how to tap into your best self to reach your goals.

When you tune into the livestream you will hear and learn about…

  • How to invest properly.
  • How to create and management marketing content.
  • How to pay off debt and build business credit.
  • How to protect your business as a healthcare entrepreneur.
  • How to build a brand around a product.
  • How to start your IV Hydration business.
  • And so much more!

I’m hosting this mastermind to boost nurse morale and equip attendees with business tools they need to grow outside of their bedside duties. Our nurses have survived one of the hardest years most of us have ever seen – most of them on the front lines. They need a break. I believe my Watch My Flo Mastermind hosted in Cabo will allow for restoration and rejuvenation as well as bring them into community with the business experts they need to make their entrepreneurial dreams comes true.

Nurses also continue to face mental, emotional, and physical health strain. By taking control of their businesses, they can take control of their health as well.


Veronica Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, FIEL, DNP(s) 2019 Inaugural Nursing Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Fellow SONSIEL, is the founder of the Millionaire Nurse Club, owner of Flo Hydration & Wellness Clinic, and the creator of the Watch My Flo Business Entrepreneurship Academy for Healthcare Professionals.


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