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Nurses’ funny hospital chart bloopers


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Back by popular demand! We’ve been running some articles featuring charting disasters (goofy chart bloopers and crazy chart bloopers) lately and must admit…some seemed too wild to be true.

So then we asked our readers: Do you have any good ones to share?

Well, these all-new funny hospital chart bloopers were submitted by you, so they must be real!

1. “A 24-year-old woman oriented to person, space and time.”
—submitted by Liz R.

2. “Pt alive but hope to remedy situation by AM.”
—submitted by Michelle Steinbach, RN, critical care nurse for 14 years

3. “Alert and organized x3”
—submitted by Evelyn Kathleen

4. “Thick yellow exudate”
—submitted by Beverly

5. “Patient is confident of bowel and bladder.”
—submitted by Diana B.

6. “Patient is an alert & oriented 200 lb. barbell.” (I don’t know where that came from—I must have gone to the gym that day.)
—submitted by Diana B.

7. “The patient, a 76 c/f, awoke this AM in a coma.”
—submitted by Deb J.

8. “Patient was alert and unresponsive.”
—submitted by Deanna Foster

9. “The wound site has a pu**y drainage.”
—submitted by Laura Jones

Share your own hospital chart blooper!


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