Nurses’ funny hospital chart bloopers

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Back by popular demand! We’ve been running some articles featuring charting disasters (goofy chart bloopers and crazy chart bloopers) lately and must admit…some seemed too wild to be true.

So then we asked our readers: Do you have any good ones to share?

Well, these all-new funny hospital chart bloopers were submitted by you, so they must be real!

1. “A 24-year-old woman oriented to person, space and time.”
—submitted by Liz R.

2. “Pt alive but hope to remedy situation by AM.”
—submitted by Michelle Steinbach, RN, critical care nurse for 14 years

3. “Alert and organized x3”
—submitted by Evelyn Kathleen

4. “Thick yellow exudate”
—submitted by Beverly

5. “Patient is confident of bowel and bladder.”
—submitted by Diana B.

6. “Patient is an alert & oriented 200 lb. barbell.” (I don’t know where that came from—I must have gone to the gym that day.)
—submitted by Diana B.

7. “The patient, a 76 c/f, awoke this AM in a coma.”
—submitted by Deb J.

8. “Patient was alert and unresponsive.”
—submitted by Deanna Foster

9. “The wound site has a pu**y drainage.”
—submitted by Laura Jones

Share your own hospital chart blooper!

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58 Responses to Nurses’ funny hospital chart bloopers

  1. Tara

    F/U CK (Follow-up Creatinine Kinase)

  2. jill

    “Pt states feels depressed. Pt hopeless.”

  3. Purulent, purulent, purulent…crack me up, that the word pus could be can be written but only when we read it back…Come on we have all done it! LOL

  4. Katherine

    I had a doctor write the order “Chlamydia 1 gram PO” I told him that the pharmacy doesn’t carry this med…..

    oopss! He meant Zithromax to treat the chlamydia!! Hilarious!

  5. Nurse Nikki

    On a pain assessment on our EMAR I had charted on a male patient that his “labia” was the location of his pain. I meant to put “leg”

  6. Deb, RN

    Foley catheter draining gold. (In a hurry and distracted?!)

  7. TraumaRN

    Amber is correct…we have all done it. My fave was the Guy who came to the ER for STD check. Triage RN wrote that he had burning w/ urination and “pu**y” drainage. In a way, I guess that was actually correct. LOL

  8. sara, RN

    There is such a thing as thick yellow exudate….I don’t get the problem with that one….

    • TONIA


      • Pen RN RN

        If you google ‘thick yellow exudate’ , it’s all over the internet in describing wounds. Not a blooper.

        • lotus

          and: In humans, exudate can be a pus-like or clear fluid… OR clear… not “only clear”

      • imprtchik

        Actually exudate is cloud or can be and transudate is clear. Look it up before you correct someone honey!

  9. Norma R.N.

    I had done so many hours was soooo tired had such a combative patient accidentally wrote staff slapping and kicking at staff members lol oops forgot the magical word “Patient” glad i corrected that! Also in the days of tape report I fell off in tape and the next night all the nurses were laughing so hard because I kept saying about every patient that they had a glass of COOOOLLLDD Milk and fried chicken (didn’t get lunch that night” too funny

  10. Wendi Sue

    Following the third transfusion of PRBCs on a particularly hectic night, I charted, “VSS. Confusion complete”
    The morning nurse caught this and had a good laugh, but even as I changed it to “infusion complete” I couldn’t help but maintain that my first instinct was pretty accurate as well. Lol.

  11. We had a new resident from Japan that ordered “Tyrenol” 650 mg. I guess she was spelling phonetically.

  12. Mihali

    Psych resident charted on an emergency consult:
    “Paged by Hepatology fellow who was being very combative and abusive to staff.”
    We were only MOSTLY sure she meant to say the patient was being combative and abusive.

  13. nurseleigh RN

    While charting my shift assessment on a male patient, noted that the previous nurse had charted under the “vaginal pruitis” section “no”.

  14. Rabid Response

    I once charted comments on a FEEDING TUBE I had removed because it was “FOUND COILED IN PATIENT’S MOUTH.” Unfortunately, in my haste I did not realize that I had accidentally clicked on and charted that comment in the FOLEY CATHETER section of our Lines and Drains flow sheet. The nurse who followed me thought it was so funny that she printed that screen and passed it around two units. I was mortified.

  15. nurseeo

    I had to review charts at my first nursing job , someone had written : Reinserted Penis into bladder. LOL

    I also had a charting mistake someone caught (nursing administrator)
    $ by $ ‘s placed under breasts to prevent skin to skin contact. ( note pressed shift key and 4 by 4 ‘s became $ by $ ‘s )

  16. Ruth RN

    Incision in place with stables intact.

  17. Granny RN RN

    A fellow RN once asked me how to spell: P-E-N-I-S…
    My response was a different word-a name in fact-short for ‘Richard’…
    How do some folks pass English in high school?

  18. rn1guy60

    Doctor Order: Tylenol Suppository 120mg Po

  19. 1968jacqueline RN

    A Doctor’s order;

    Peak Freens to clear.

    The patient had asked if he could eat his favorite cookies!

  20. NurseNele

    We had a pt who was very upset about his diet becausebhe wasnt allowed to order macaroni and cheese. He complained to his doctor who promptly wrote an order for “Macaronian cheese BID” lol!

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  22. raincries

    Patient returned from ER via bedpan.

  23. sandirnbsn

    Order received from dr’s office: T & C 2 Units Paxil
    (was supposed to be packed cells) lol

  24. josephine

    Pt has flat affect and speak in monotonous voice ( Schizophrenia and Depressive Disorder)

  25. josephine

    Pt has flat affect and speaks in monotonous voice.

  26. josephine

    Doctor wrote: Send the patient ultrasound room with full bladder.
    Patient: I already emptied my bladder, please give me water to drink to make my bladder full.

  27. josephine

    First day: Severe pain in the knee
    Second day: Knee was better
    Third day: Knee completely disappeared

  28. deb1214

    “The patient has no history of finger smoking”

  29. regull09

    O2 salad

  30. RNmamaof4

    Back in my med/surg days (and of hand-written charts) I cared for a s/p penile implant patient. The Dr.wrote: apply ice around the cock but meant to write: apply ice around the clock but left out the “l” in clock.
    Guess it makes sense either way though!

  31. angeltinks RN

    On night shift my fellow RN and I were discussing the Hare Psychopathic Test. As I was writing nursing notes at 0545, I wrote that one patient was psychopath instead of sleeping on all checks. We really got the giggles as I could only put a line through it and write correct note, so all other shifts got to read it.

  32. elgrayco

    “Noted intrafecal cath…dressing CDI”..not intrathecal
    Wound has a fowl odor…..

  33. RandiLuV RN

    Patient complains of severe chronic abdominal fold.

    Foley catheter patent and wandering alone. (Listening to music while charting)

  34. RandiLuV RN

    Patient complains of severe chronic abdominal fold.

    Foley catheter patent and wandering along (listening to music while charting)

  35. amusingthalia

    Patient makes little to no eye contact (patient legally blind)

  36. Jenny86

    I work in dialysis and we have a lot of problems with PT’s CRAMPING during or after tx, well I have charted PT w/o complaints of craping. I have also charted instead of PT c/o bleeding and shortness of breath, PT a bleeding SOB- thankfully I could correct them both before I closed out my charts for the day

  37. amberj

    I wrote pt alert and responsive throughout shit, instead of shift.

  38. 134luck

    Back in late 70’s charting was handwritten, I followed a nurse who would write PT c/o pain in pines( that’s how she spelled penis) and tub feeding infusing…..scary!

  39. jeanine

    I was new out of school and charted she had pussy drainage coming out of her vagina. Sounded correct to me at the time until the head nurse told me the correct word. Lol

  40. kflce

    I was working night shift one night and charted ” ng tube draining amber urine” good thing I caught it, lol

  41. Michele

    Dr. had dictated in H&P but was mistakenly transcribed that “patient was drunk in pubic”!

  42. gennamrn

    I have a very lovely co-worker who always charts that she changed the “eternal bag” instead of the enteral bag. For a long time she charted the “internal” bag, before the new and improved spelling. I’ve tried to correct her spelling for 8 years!

  43. nursejen

    I had a new patient so I went in to look at previous notes, and saw the nurse had documented the patient had retardive dyskinesia!!!

  44. pchap1

    I had an OT write PORN instead of PRN alll over a pt’s eval. So pt required rest, exercises and pain relief with PORN.
    I asked what was on her mind =D

  45. carollynnSKJ Caption Contest

    So many while working for a managed care company.
    1) Axis III: Menstrual Valve Prolapse. Arterial fibrillation.
    2) Pt was discharged but had to return the next day when he decomposed.
    3) Pt was off the wall this evening.
    4) When patient is discharged she will have follow up with EPA for psychotherapy.

    So many more, so little time.

  46. docjonp

    1. Patient is drowsy but arousable……

    2. We tried to wake him up for his sleeping pills but patient refused……

    3. …….. we observed the patient playing with his organ…..

  47. twinkletoes53

    I was working in the ER one shift. Nurse prior to me had written “Patient admitted ambulatory with chief complaint of inability to walk.”
    We cured him! It was a miracle!

  48. dheth

    Postoperatively, patient reports stingy vagina. (actually meant stinging)

  49. Earthquake

    I recently found an order for my patient that said “glycerin supp 1 PO Qday”… Yummy!