Nurses get political

The state of California is in the midst of a busy election season, and the California Nurses Association is in the thick of the action. After this week’s primary elections, a number of demonstrators, including “Queen Meg,” a creation of the California Nurses Association, protested outside of Republican victory parties.

“Queen Meg” is a live caricature of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. According to Bill Gallagher, a spokesman for the California Nurses Association, Queen Meg “is a tongue-in-cheek approach to get out a serious message. (Whitman) is talking about very serious cuts to education and nurse staffing and spending a fortune, like $81 million to get elected. We think people should know the kind of money that is going into this.”

Haven’t heard of Queen Meg? Take a look at this video, produced by the California Nurses Association.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? How involved should nurses be politically? Does Queen Meg cross the line?

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Jennifer Fink, RN, BSN

Jennifer is a professional freelance writer with over eight years experience as a hospital nurse. She has clinical experience in adult health, including med-surg, geriatrics and transplant; she also has a particular interest in women’s health and cancer care. Jennifer has written a variety of health and parenting articles for national publications.

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One Response to Nurses get political

  1. kelli waller

    Yay California nurses! Keep standing your ground and advocating for your patient’s and for the nurses. We all need you.