Nurses Inspiring Nurses


“You cannot see in someone else what is not already inside of you. If you are inspired, then you are already an inspiration.” – Me

What can I say? I love all things self-help. Some people think it’s corny or all a hoax. Some people love the idea but never take action. Some people, like me, have utilized self-help resources as tools to truly transform their lives. After getting divorced at the age of twenty-eight, I realized my life was not going quite how I had planned. I knew I needed to grow myself in order to become happy and successful and that’s exactly what I did through mindset school, podcasts, therapy, and too many self-help books to count. It’s been a long journey of self-discovery and growth which has ultimately led me to self-acceptance, change, genuine bliss, and abundance. But still, after all that work, I started to feel that something was missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Then one day, I was scrolling on the ‘gram looking at all of these amazing people I admired and I started to realize that we weren’t really all that different. In that moment something inside of me shifted. What if everything I was looking for in these self-help tools was actually already inside of me? I was so used to not knowing the answer, looking for inspiration in others, or trying to figure everything out, that it hadn’t occurred to me that I had everything inside of me that I needed. I wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t! See, I realized that the biggest difference between my ‘gram inspirations and others was that instead of being a victim of their circumstance, they decided to use what some would look at as a weakness or failure to make a change. Right then and there I decided that it was time to stop being a victim. I would be the person that lifted others up, the person to inspire them to be proud of who they are, proud of the impact they make and to share their story. And from that day on, that’s what I’ve been doing. There is truly nothing more inspiring to me than vulnerability and sharing your authentic truth because that truth changes lives. This is the most amazing thing about being an inspiration… there aren’t any prerequisites!

If you feel inspired by the concept of nurses inspiring other nurses and raising the vibration of their workplace (read that article here), then you are already an inspiration! We cannot see in someone else what is not already inside of us, the good and the bad. Think about a problem or situation where someone just got you, they understand what you were going through, listened with their heart, and could genuinely help. Why did they just get it and how are they the ones who help the most and make the greatest impact? It’s because they’ve experienced that same thing. Now imagine a world where nurses used their experiences to not only change their patient’s lives, but to change each other’s lives too? Imagine night shifts that nurses wanted to be at. Imagine hospital floors filled with smiles and laughs rather than groans and tears. YOU have the ability to do all of that, it’s already inside of YOU.

I am so proud to be spearheading a movement of nurses inspiring nurses in Detroit. There will be a group of us nurses getting together in a few weeks to discuss, collaborate, then TAKE ACTION to raise the vibration of our workplace, to inspire each other and to be the change. I absolutely cannot wait to empower this group because I know that it only takes one of us to empower the next person and create a huge ripple effect. The first step that you can take today is believing that you can inspire too, right where you are.

Join the movement of nurses inspiring everywhere!

By Cat Golden, RN and Founder of the #NursesInspireNurses movement.

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