Nurses lift mood in hospice setting with colorful scrubs


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Nurses who specialize in end-of-life care have a remarkable opportunity to offer compassion and emotional healing to patients and families.

Even little details can make a big difference in lifting a patient’s mood in a hospice environment. That’s one reason so many nursing professionals pay attention to the message their uniforms send.

Fun Prints Garner Comments
Getting a conversation started that doesn’t revolve around illness and discomfort can be a great distraction. Humorous prints like pigs flying or a jungle pattern bring a smile to patients’ faces and make nurses seem more approachable. Cartoon characters are always a hit—especially those that feature old-time favorites. SpongeBob SquarePants is a good pick for the pediatric floor, but elderly hospice patients are more familiar with images from a different era. Nurse Tiffany Carter-Bauer shares her secret: “My hospice people like cartoon characters of their generation (like Popeye or Betty Boop scrubs). It seems as if they regress and the innocence of cartoons gives them peace.”

Vivid Hues Spark Happiness
Nurses who wear bold colors say it brightens their patients’ day. Jolene Relander picks her wardrobe with an eye toward pleasing herself and her patients. “I have a lot of butterfly scrubs and bold prints with bright colors. The brighter the better! I feel cheerful and my patients usually compliment the ones with the most color.” Try bold flowers or a pretty aqua print. For hospices that have color codes restricting what scrubs nurses can wear, there’s still the opportunity to accessorize. Lipstick, hair scrunchies and scrub caps can all be used to add a pop of color.


Scrubs Ideas for Mood Boosting
Butterflies are a symbol of freedom and transformation. They offer a beautiful, subtly uplifting message to patients in hospice care. Try an empire waist butterfly top and match with pastel orchid pants for a soothing and uplifting combination.

Prints that feature Garfield or Peanuts characters bring back memories of reading the “funnies” in the Sunday paper. That’s sure to prompt a smile as patients think back to their favorite comic strip. Pair this V-neck “Daisies and Peanuts” tunic with a hair clip that picks up the aqua in Lucy’s shirt. Finish the look with stylish (but comfortable) strappy white shoes that feature flower detailing.

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