Nurses love Scrubs magazine!

“Thank you very much. I love your magazine not only due to medical information but the fact that it is relaxing to read articles about how we can take care of ourselves too as women, nurses, mothers, wives. Your magazine also has a great sense of humor and fun and who couldn’t use that! “
-Terri Engelmann, LPN

“Just came across your magazine today on one of our units … great job!”

— Tonya Edwards, RN

“My nurses love Scrubs”

– Jim Smith, Piedmont Hospital

From Facebook: “Scrubs helps me care for patients in style.”

— Eva Papa Razzi Gallegos

“Great Magazine. I just picked up the Spring 2010 issue at the new-ish (and only) scrub store in my hometown. I’m glad I did; what a refreshing idea, and from what I’ve seen and read so far, a very well thought out one, too! I’m still a nursing student, but look forward to future issues, and the insights I’ll get from them. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.”

— Laura Greenfield

From Facebook: “I love all your articles! They’re very helpful. I just started nursing school and I work full time so time management is very important!”

— Chloe Netro

“I luv luv luv this magazine, thank u!! All of ur stories have inspired me to continue on to university for nursing!”

— Philomena Martinez

“This magazine is just awesome! Love how it embraces our lifestyles as nurses, not only focusing on disease. Great idea!”

— Susan Madonia Schrank

“WOW – thank you so much for allowing nurses to have a forum to vent, connect or to just read.”

— Melissa Strane, Peyton, CO

From Facebook: “I just graduated from nursing school and I’m about to take my boards. I was very moved by your stories and only hope I can live up to your wonderful examples.”

– Francine Eisner

Nurses pose with their Scrubs magazines…

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