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Nurses on Instagram: Our favorite scrubs styles of the week! January 9


We love seeing real nurses in action, especially when they look like they’re having a good time! When we aren’t connecting with you here on Scrubs, we’re chatting with smart, opinionated nurses on our Facebook page or searching for fun nursing pictures on Instagram. Here are five of our favorite images this week, featuring nurses sporting some seriously awesome and fun scrubs!
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A cute scrubs top featuring dalmatians!? Yes, please!

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Cecilia posted this cute selfie with the caption, “Loving my new shirt for work!”

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We love a good Hello Kitty scrubs top, but we love this sweet caption even more: “Working as a CNA has its ups and its downs. I have to work even if its on a holiday, my birthday, or there is 10 feet of snow on the ground. Sometimes, I have to go to work when I’m sick. Something happened today, that I will never forget. I went to work today, kinda sick, but not feeling as bad as I did last night. And whenever I usually work, I’m always the one who always smiles, and talks to all the residents. Well, I didn’t really talk to a lot of them today. Some of them stopped me and asked me if something was on my mind, or something I was upset about. I went into a resident’s room to answer a call light. The lady is deaf, but only wears one hearing aide and is going blind, but is still able to see a little bit. I asked her what she needed. She asked if I could turn on the air for her cause she was too hot. I did. Before I could walk out of the room, she stopped me again. I turned around and looked at her. She told me to sit down. So, I pulled her wheel chair over to the side of her bed and sat down. She told me, ‘Every day you come work on this floor, you always work so hard. You work harder than some of the girls that have worked here for years.’ I just sat there and looked at her. She got off her bed and came and hugged me. I started to cry a little bit. This is ONE of many rewards that comes with being a CNA. I am very thankful for being in the medical field. It is the most rewarding job ever.”

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Jamie posted this sweet snap with the caption, “Great day at work #loveit #cna.”

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Nati, reaching the end of her day, posted this selfie and said she was ready to hit the gym. Color us impressed!

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