Nurses play bigger role in primary care

Despite how some physicians may feel about nurses playing a greater role in primary care, a growing number of nurse practitioners and physician assistants are striking out on their own, treating their own patients at community clinics, places of business, and retail pharmacies.   According to some surveys, patients seeking primary care are more often seen by NP’s and physician assistants than by physicians.

Jan Towers, a nurse practitioner for more than 30 years who leads the government affairs offices of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners said: “Unlike a lot of doctors in primary care, we still like what we do. There’s a lot less burnout among our practitioners, and I think a lot of that has to do with how we practice, that we can take time with patients and do more prevention and screening at each visit.” (San Bernardino Sun


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One Response to Nurses play bigger role in primary care

  1. This is Absolutely true, as I have said on many different Occassions it is NURSES who are in the Hospital 24/7 not doctors, or the administrators. Just the Nurses both LVN’s/LPN’s & RN’s and support staff who are all equally as important.