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Nurses React to that Shocking “And Just Like That” Peloton Death


If you’re a fan of the original Sex and the City, you probably caught the first episode of the revival And Just Like That… on HBO over the weekend. SPOILER ALERT (This article contains spoilers from the first episode).

During the episode, Chris Noth’s character Mr. Big dies from a heart attack after taking his one thousandth ride on a Peloton stationary bike. The fictional death sent Peloton shares tumbling. However, the company turned around and filmed a commercial featuring Noth using the bike in less than 48 hours to show audiences that they don’t have to be afraid of their Pelotons.

The company even released a statement from a preventative cardiologist that said the character’s lifestyle choices, such as eating red meat and smoking cigars, likely contributed to his fictional heart attack and not the bike itself. The doctor added that “riding his Peloton Bike may have even helped delay his cardiac event.”

The incident has been all over social media lately, so we asked our community of nurses whether they think Mr. Big could’ve actually died on his Peloton.

He lived a very bad lifestyle. Partying, little sleep, running after young women, copious amounts of alcohol, cigars, steak dinners. He was a ticking time bomb. I just don’t know why she didn’t call 911.


Yes! He was still alive when she got home. I kept screaming Do CPR! Call 911!


I feel like Big would’ve been able to reach over the three feet to his phone. And Carrie should’ve called 911 right away.


I haven’t watched the episode yet, but Peloton is hilarious.

Cardiac units fill up in the winter due to people shoveling snow. People have heart attacks all the time when doing physically strenuous things. It’s not the act that causes it – it’s just the result of years of unhealthy habits ?

This is why most exercise equipment and workout programs say to consult a doctor first – to make sure you’re good to start it or if you need to take it slower.


Peloton is catching hell for this, but it will probably be great publicity when all is said and done!


Call 911!! Then check pulse, start chest compressions!


I was honestly so disappointed I doubt I will ever watch another episode!!


That death was hard. So many things were wrong with how it was executed. But am I the only one who was more annoyed by Charlotte’s reaction?!


I’m a nurse and a fitness instructor and a longtime fan of SATC. Hated the two episodes. Cringed. I’m glad I don’t teach spin right now ?.


Worst plot ever.


Just gonna say that CPR is actually an actual thing!!! And it works!! Who knew?!!!! ??


He should not have married her, and he would still be alive.


I was yelling at the screen for her to do CPR and call 911. What was she waiting for?!?!


The company’s ad featuring Noth helped rebound its stock prices. Shares added $900 million in value on Monday after the ad’s release. Online conversations and the ad helped spur online interest in the show and Peloton. The ad was created thanks to Maximum Effort, a digital marketing agency co-founded by Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey.

Dewey commented on how quickly his team put the ad together. “We’ve done this a few times over the years and we’ve learned to move fast and not overthink,” he said.

“People tend to take things in the spirit in which they’re done,” Dewey said. “So, if it’s too calculated and too thoughtless, you can get in real trouble which is why so many marketers are so conservative when it comes to social media.”

Clearly, the ad had the right effect. Peloton turned what could’ve been a PR nightmare into a marketing triumph. 

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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