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Nurses Share Their Craziest Medical Photos and We’re Speechless


The healthcare industry is full of surprises. Nurses and providers often see truly amazing things while taking care of patients, including ghostly apparitions, tragic accidents, and bizarre medical procedures that would leave anyone in shock. We asked millions of nurses to share their wildest photos from the job and they didn’t disappoint.

He “fell on a 20 oz bottle of Coke in the shower” ?. The ER doc just put his hand up there and pulled it out! Apparently the bottle didn’t have the cap on, so it created a bit of suction, he had to break the seal first ? I’m pretty certain this was past the wrist ?.


This is my own CT so I can share it. My sinus was full of infection.


My friend/co-worker fell walking out of her RV holding her couple month old baby in his carrier. The baby only got a bump on his head (we don’t work at the hospital so no breaking HIPAA). Unfortunately, the wound got infected and she required IV antibiotics all with a newborn baby at home. She’s better now but …ouch.


This pic was captured after someone passed away in the ER. The camera points to the ambulance entrance.


A deformed frog found under my pt, brought into ER after falling in a car wash breaking her hip.


Straight out of male’s bladder, he swears to God he was capable of getting rid of them in the normal way… ?


I have this one too, from many years ago.


Clot I pulled out of a patient’s esophagus.


Mega colon, had to send someone to buy a bucket at Home Depot, so It could be sent to the lab.


Poor nasopharyngeal airway placement.


Someone brought a wheelchair to the MRI department.


Killed it with hand sanitizer.


This isn’t of a patient but was IN a patient.



You never know what you might find under or inside of a patient! A big thanks to everyone that shared their photos online. Just make sure you don’t violate HIPAA guidelines.

These responses have been edited for length and clarity. 


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