Nurses share more fascinating DIY home remedies

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At work you’re all about perfectly calculated medical dosages and by-the-book protocol. But every nurse has “that aunt” whose cupboard is full of apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses that she swears could cure everything in your nursing school textbook.

Home remedies, even for the medically trained nurse, can hold an allure that magically sticks in the brain! Inspired by nurse blogger Nicole Lehr’s list of hilarious home remedies, Scrubs Magazine’s Facebook fans responded with some of their own brews and concoctions—if not tried and true, at least fun to think about!

Mustard can do what? –>

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6 Responses to Nurses share more fascinating DIY home remedies

  1. Kathy

    I have my kids eat dill pickles when they have a sore throat, the salt and vinager help soothe the throat.

  2. Your name

    Wrapping a sock around your neck to cure a sore throat.
    —Monica Lane Janssen

    my grandma used to say that- but it had to be wool sock

  3. JARRN74


  4. mommacyndi

    was told by several patients for fever that will not break get a fresh potatoe cut in 1 inch slice stick on bottom of foot and hold in place with a white sock. Also had an old pediatrician tell us for fevers instead of motrin or tylenol put child in hot tub (hot as they can stand it without burning them). luke warm water cools skin but closes pores sealin heat in while hot water opens pores letting the heat out.

  5. nurseratchett

    honey on wounds to prevent scarring works, so does grandma’s recipe for fevers: 1 shot whiskey or rum, the juice of 1/2 a lemon, 1/4 cup boiling water, sweeten to taste and drink as hot as you can. Wrap up in a blanket, take a nap, and sweat the fever out. Honey helps soothe sore throats. For dry coughs, try boiling a pot of water with onions, take off the stove, and lean over the pot and breathe the steam with a towel over your head to retain the steam…..

  6. bigtwister

    I had a patient who wanted mustard daily for gout. At first I brought him the little packets from the cafeteria. But eventually I went and bought him a bottle. Made him very happy.