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Nurses share more fascinating DIY home remedies


9. I have a resident who told me the way to fix congestive heart failure was to eat coleslaw and sauerkraut for a week.
—Stephanie Seeley

Urinating in the bathtub while sitting in the tub cures/prevents skin rashes. Yuck and double yuck!!!
—Laurie Ellefson

11. My mother-in-law, who has fibromyalgia, was in so much pain one night that she took habanero, jalapeños and dried red pepper and put them into the blender and made a paste and rubbed it on her skin. I asked her why she would do this and she replied it takes away the pain inside and takes away the inflammation. Hmm…makes me think of capsacin!
—Tammy De La Garza

12. My husband, who hails from Jamaica, has an unusual remedy for a hiccuping baby: He takes a piece of thread (from a towel or shirt), moistens it and sticks it to the baby’s forehead! He also boils garlic and drinks the “tea” when he has a cold. For a cough, he squeezes a fresh lime into a cup with a little honey (this works GREAT!). Also, for babies who have clogged tear ducts, massage some of the mother’s fresh breast milk into the affected eye (this one works, too.) My other friend from Jamaica told me to “catch some of the baby’s fresh urine” and rub it on baby acne. Both breast milk and fresh urine are sterile and contain antibacterial properties. My friend’s mom believes that flour, sugar and water mixed together will cure diarrhea (I tried it once, and it did work).

—Hillarie Gaynor Clarke

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