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Nurses Share Their Spookiest Ghost Stories for Halloween


It’s that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner, so we checked in with our community of nurses to see if they have any scary patient stories to tell. And they delivered beyond our wildest imagination. From ghostly call lights to lost coworkers and menacing spirits, these stories are sure to keep you up at night.

We had a staff member that took his own life. It was a real shocker ?. There was a poster in remembrance in our unit for him that stayed there for a while. I work nights. I’m doing my rounds and as I’m passing by, his poster aggressively falls. It was as if someone just HIT IT. Bam! I stood in shock there for a few seconds, then assembled it back together. Gave me the spooks for a significant portion of my night! ?


In the hospital, I often see white human-like shapes in the hallways. I’ve never felt scared of them, just people who haven’t moved on yet.


Every time I look at my Nurse Manager, it creeps me out. ?


I walked in for my shift at 7am. It was dark and everyone was sleeping. I went to use one of the toilet cubicles and as I stood at the sink to wash my hands, I suddenly felt my throat tighten and I couldn’t breathe. This lasted a few seconds before I tried to gasp for air, suddenly a release and I felt shivers down my spine as if there was someone behind me. I ran as fast as I could, leaving the tap running. Later a nurse advised me that a young girl hung herself in that bathroom many years ago ?.


Patient with dementia said there were people with their faces eaten off next to me. I worked the night shift.


I used my break on night shifts to study in the hospital library. I had used this as my study spot for many nights but one night I felt like there was someone else in the library with me. When I got to the library that night, I had to swipe my keycard and turn on the lights, so I knew I was the only one there. I continued studying but couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t alone. Then out of nowhere I heard, “Come here.” I quickly packed up my books and ran out of the library and never studied in there again ?.


Scariest thing that’s happened to me is seeing the ghostly souls of the dollar bills lost to Uncle Sam on my paystub. Haunts me a few times a month. ? ? ??


While charting, the other nurse was swearing up a storm. She was saying f-this and f-that. She said, loudly, “And I’d like to see anyone make me stop swearing!”

I was a good 10 feet away from her when she uttered that last sentence. I looked up at her while charting just in time to see it. A force of some kind grabbed the back of her chair and pulled her back down, hard. It released and she flew forward, out of her chair. She stood up and shouted, “WHAT THE F—K WAS THAT!?!? DID YOU SEE THAT!?”

I just stared back with wide eyes ?. That nurse was quiet the rest of the night. ?


We had an old lady ring the call light in our ER from 2 different rooms yelling, “Get me out of here!” No one in the rooms.


A coworker died when I worked in long term care years ago. She died on her way to work for the night shift. Almost every night for about 6 months she kept coming to work on the elevator. We would hear the elevator, see it open and a shadow would get off. It freaked out all of us until someone told her that it was okay not to come to work anymore, after that no more weird elevator rides and shadows.


I had a patient on hospice, and she said she was talking to Jesus. I told her that’s wonderful. She said, “You should believe because your mother loves you.” (My mother passed away 20 years before.) I asked what she looks like, and she told me dark hair and dark eyes and speaks with an accent. I was blown away by this as I’m blonde and didn’t look like my mother. She passed 5 minutes later!!!


Night shift saw a dark male shape go through a locked door. Turned around to see if anyone else saw it and the old supervisor said someone is going to die in 24 hours. Did a room check then and found a stable patient had passed. Happened 3 times before I left.


Had a lady that was unable to get out of bed by herself for a very long time. Shortly before she passed, we found her sitting in the hall on the floor, her bed rails were up, and her bed was perfectly made. She had no idea how she got there. That room always gave me the creeps before and after she passed.


Who knew being a nurse could be so – supernatural? Your patients and colleagues may come back to haunt you if they pass away. Just don’t do anything to make them angry.


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