Nurses slam Mariah Carey’s new video

Mariah Carey may be a talented pop singer, but The Truth About Nursing is not impressed with her latest video.
“Up Out My Face” features Carey and collaborator Nicki Manaj in skimpy, skin-tight white nursing uniforms. Click on the video below to see what the fuss is all about.

The video, which was released in January 2010, is an affront to nurses, says Sandy Summers, executive director of The Truth About Nursing, a Baltimore-based advocacy group.  “These images associate nursing with female sexuality, undermining our claims to adequate resources,” Summers says.  The Truth About Nursing has mounted a letter writing campaign, asking Ms. Carey to withdraw the video and to refrain from using the “naughty nurse” image in future videos and shows.

But the general public — including some nurses — doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.  Internet reactions to the protest so far have been strongly against The Truth About Nursing, with many commenters suggesting that the video is simply a harmless piece of fantasy.

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