Nurses’ top 20 “power fuel” beverages

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Whether you were up all night thinking about an exceptionally stressful shift or up all night working, one of the greatest challenges every nurse faces is a lack of sleep. But even when you’re feeling completely zonked at work, the shift must go on…so what’s a sleepy nurse to do? Well, gulp something great to give you energy, for starters! We asked our Facebook fans for their no-fail, 12-hour-shift “power fuel” beverage of choice. Check out which beverages (and a few other energizers!) are most popular…where does your fave rank?


1. Coffee – 1,887 votes
“Age-old coffee works every time.” —Nicole Shelton

2. Mountain Dew – 622 votes
“A 16-ounce espresso with four sugars and 24-ounce Mountain Dew chaser.” —Kevin James Fleming

3. Coke (Coca-Cola) – 95 votes

4. Tea – 88 votes

5. Pepsi (Pepsi-Cola) – 79 votes
“Any cola, preferably Pepsi, with added chocolate syrup (about two tablespoons). After five minutes, you will get the rush.” —Kathleen Marie

And the rest of the list:

6. Water – 67 votes

7. Monster – 45 votes

8. Prayer – 43 votes

9. Diet Coke – 35 votes

10. Starbucks – 34 votes

11. Diet Pepsi – 30 votes

12. Dr. Pepper – 27 votes

13. Red Bull – 25 votes

14. 5-Hour Energy – 24 votes
“I’m usually okay until about 3 a.m., then I take a shot of 5-Hour Energy. It’s just enough to perk me up until the end of my shift without making me jittery.” (Dawn Menke)

15. Diet Dr. Pepper – 24 votes

16. Sleep – 18 votes

17. Rockstar – 18 votes

18. Sprite – 13 votes

19. Gatorade – 11 votes

20. Diet Mountain Dew – 11 votes

What do you drink to give yourself energy on the job?

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