Nurses Week Giveaway! $1,000 Care Package



One lucky winner is taking home a complete nursing package!

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Nurses Week Giveaway Package!

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6 Responses to Nurses Week Giveaway! $1,000 Care Package

  1. catdog

    my co-workers are my second family. they’re the best

  2. xoalya

    Very cool giveaway contest! Great way to share awesome products with a lucky nurse or student nurse!
    Xo, Alya


    I could use some tlc! This is a cool give away. :)

  4. Candidlpn

    Longterm Healthcare workers in a nursing home scene, with the next generation patients. Mixed the high class society.. Comical ..for instance I had a woman’s husband bring her dog biscuits for a snack the other day..said his neighbor baked them..and they are’t look like it to me. So the lady wants to give them away to the other eccentric elderly a good scene.

  5. Zligon001

    Great care package….goodluck!


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