“Nursing is my talent”: #NursesUnite after commentary from “The View” hosts

The nation’s nursing community is still reeling from The View‘s insulting and ignorant assessment of Miss Colorado’s contribution to the talent portion of this year’s Miss America Pageant.

Kelley Johnson took a risk when she strayed from the usual talent portion path to deliver a deeply personal and humanizing monologue meant to elevate and inspire nurses. And while we are truly disappointed by the ill-informed View hosts’ commentary (watch it in the clip below), we are both motivated and moved by the unity that has formed in response.

Nurses around the world are supporting and uplifting one another, dominating social media with the hashtag #nursesunite, and we are all about it.

Below, our four Nurseonalities are joining the conversation with videos that convey everything from admiration to pride as they explain why nursing is a talent—whether it’s theirs, Miss Colorado’s or your own.

Check out what Katie Duke, Nurse Nacole, Nurse Mendoza and Kati Kleber have to say about nursing, and why it’s a role that demands a very special type of person. Then, share your own thoughts in the comments below and on social media using the #nursesunite hashtag.

Katie Duke:

Nurse Nacole:


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14 Responses to “Nursing is my talent”: #NursesUnite after commentary from “The View” hosts

  1. Cynthia Rogers

    The ladies on the view has the hot lights and hair spray gone to your brains. Stupid comments about any of the contestants.they work hard,dream hard and prepare hard to be there. What do u do! go off script and say something stupid and demeaning about miss colorado speech about nurses.mmm wheres your sighn!!!! You done pissed off nurses world over. Tread lightly. Where your sighn so the nurse you come to visit dr office,er, know they are handling stupid. Grrr

  2. Debbie Clifton

    As a retired Registered Nurse, I was incised at the ignorance of several of the hosts on the View regarding Miss Colorado in the Miss America Pageant!
    Hospice nursing takes yet another kind of nursing talent and calling to be able to practice proficiently. We ARE usually the last person that patient sees before passing away. I’ve sat in the bedroom holding the hand of a man drawing his last breaths while his numerous children curse and argue over what furniture they want. I’ve seen children tell me they see angels in the room who’ve said they were taking Grandpa to heaven.
    We hold stories in our memory that people would not be able to function with.
    Hospice nursing is indeed special and difficult, demanding and psychologically draining.
    How dare the View disregard us as “just” nurses. Perhaps Joy Behar will one day desperately need a nurse. And guess what? She’ll be treated with the respect and care only nurses can provide – and we’ll do it both professionally and with care!

    • retired happily

      Debbie — beautiful!!!!! I agree with your statement 100% – It is good to know we are united in our love and devotion for Nursing; I worked till 75 Hospice case Mgr and House. I didn’t want to give it up then!!!Thanks for letting folks know the reality of it all. the view needs to go off the air – let’s start a request to that effect.

  3. turtlenurse

    I’m a nurse, have been for over 30 years!! Both of my children, one female, one male, are both nurses, yes we love what we do even if : we don’t get to sit down during our shift, don’t get to use the bathroom for 8 hrs or more, don’t get to eat for the entire shift, or longer, we’re on CALL, more than we’re off. We watch and help people fight and live, we watch and pray while people die, get yelled at sometimes by patients, DRs, and family members, and yes even other nurses…. The list goes on, but we still do what we do because WE LOVE NURSING, helping other people, and doing what I believe for myself ,is what GOD wanted me to do!!! Patricia

  4. Nurse Bass

    SHOUTOUT to all of these wonderful YouTube Nurses voicing their opinions, shedding some light on the profession and spreading positivity! I love it! NURSING IS A TALENT!


  5. lovebeinganurse

    I am appalled at The View…while they are having hair snd make up done to go on sue for an hour, I’m sleeping to prepare myself for my night shift 12 hour shift. As nurses we where a uniform, not a costume.. At which times we have to ask our supervisors for s change of clothes because of bodily fluids that happen to come our way. I wear a stethoscope… My own…I wear tennis shoes that I leave at my back door for obvious reasons, I wear my hair in a ponytail do not to get my hair into my into day unnecessary well u are all nurses you know what I’m talking about. When I leave work my feet are hurting, my back hurts and I’m mentally and physically exhausted… Then through in some family time. I work weekends and holidays as nurses do.. I miss family functions because of my Career. I work Christmas, Thanksgiving birthdays. We can’t pre record those holidays. Nurses use our TALENTS of critical thinking of which we where taught to do… Not just anybody can be a nurse. We are the best of the best… Yay to all nurses!!!! The View… You screwed up because you passed a whole lot of hard working NURSES off… I just came off of 22 hours of a one on one patient on critical drips… Let me ask u Joy Baher…could you have done what I did last night…. Think about it….

  6. Denyse Fritzsching

    The funny thing is- Regardless of the rudeness, ignorance, or personal biases of these ladies on THE VIEW- if any one of them came into an ER I know everyone of us nurses who are offended by their comments would still do their very best to save them. That’s how we roll-that’s what we do- :) I love our profession!

  7. njw

    I am not a nurse, not a doctor, not a health care professional of any kind. I am just an ordinary aging member of the human race that KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the IMPORTANCE OF NURSES.

    I am sure we have all had our lives touched by a nurse. My gosh they are there to meet us as we come into the world. They are there to sooth and help us ruing our worst times and help make them better. And more than likely they will be there to ease our way out of this life and on to our next journey.

    They come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, are all different colors and are from all over the world. They do not make enough money, as far as I am concerned, for putting up with all the whiney, crybabies, seriously injured and dying people they encountered on a daily basis.

    For all of this, and much I am sure I have forgotten, I want the say a very heartfelt THANK YOU. And to those ***** on the view you had BETTER HOPE YOU DO NOT NEED A NURSE anytime soon.

    than you for the opportunity to say thanks the gorgeous Miss Colorado for her monologue

  8. SheCramerRN

    Ladies of “The View”,
    I watched your clip of the comments made about Miss Colorado, and while I was offended by them and thought you were very ignorant, I was even more offended by your “apology”. You made the comment of “just listen” Oh trust me we heard you. You were being snide, rude, and above all very disrespectful. If you are going to try to make an apology at least make it sincere and DON’T try to make it look like we misunderstood you, NO we heard you loud & clear, for women who try to say they are all about equality for women you sure made a mess of things by speaking so condescendingly about Miss Colorado and her talent which is so much more real then what you ladies do.
    I am a nurse and I work in the ED, I make a difference in peoples lives weather it is applying a band-aid, or saving a life in a trauma situation. That is my talent, and I am very proud to be a nurse! I went to school for 5 years to become a nurse and still have more to go to further my education. We are a very proud group, rightly so, because we do more in a day then most people do in a week, and are damn good at what we do!! In most situations we are the first to see babies into the world, and the last to see people out of this world. We are kind, compassionate, empathetic, and caring (to name a few) maybe you should try that some time. I invite you to come to a hospital in the ED and try to walk in our shoes, wear our “costume” and use that “Doctors stethoscope” and try to keep up.

  9. Dbelcher

    Johnson &Johnson are building up nurses while the Bimbos on the view are distorting the nurses job. Perhaps if they walked a hour in our Nurse shoes they would get a clue what a nurse is! 1hour cause the view women would never be able to do 8 or 12 or even 16 hours like most nurses do while missing lunch or bathroom breaks

  10. Karen Southard RN

    I was proud to see Kelley Johnson stand up for our profession as nurses, and thought her monologue was very factual and articulate. She brought the spotlight to the nursing profession, maybe not quite as she had intended, but the outcome was terrific. The spotlight on just exactly was being a nurse means, that it is a true calling for us all. We love our profession, caring for people and their family members. I have laughed, cried, held hands, and yes, even prayed with them. Always there to give a hug, shed tears as someone leaves this world, give a kind word or pat on the back. Most of the time, we spend more with our patients and their families than we do our own, often missing out on reunions, cookouts, celebrations because for us, we work 24/7, our doors never close. Nurses all over the world strongly disagree with what the ladies of The View think of us and are finding out how strongly we feel about their put down of us and as we have shown, we will not stand for their smart remarks that show us all how stupid and biased they are to all nurses. Yes, we wear stethoscope and we do that because it is our number one tool used daily, more likely hourly during our shifts as we assess, listen to lung sound, bowel sound, heart sounds, etc, as we take care of our patients, also we are the eyes and ears of the physician as we are with you more than the 15 minutes you spend with your doctor each day.we are the ones that educate you on your chronic health conditions, explain what your meds are and why you are taking them, stress the importance of diet and weight management, and stress the importance of following your instructions to assist you in maintaining your life to get the most out of what time you can. I am PROUD to be among so many strong men and women that are called to the profession and yes, nursing is my talent too!

  11. dorosa15

    Last week alone I helped saved the lives of 14 patients. Because I am so busy day in and day out saving lives, I have never been able to watch the “VIEW”. I have capitalized the word “VIEW” because of their self importance. They are not really important but because they think they are I am capitalizing the “VIEW”. They have neglected to capitalize Nurses because they think we are not worthy of that small sign of respect. I am not certain how many lives Joy and the other members of the “View” saved last week but it doesn’t really matter. I “view” their comments as I “view” most ignorant comments. Sick, misinformed and prejudiced. Joy hate all working people and her insensitive “view” illustrates that. Since I am busy saving lives, I really can’t comment on Joy’s expressed ignorance. But as a caregiver I wish her well. But since she brought it up I will say this, first of all, Joy doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as a Nurse. She is an example of someone who thinks they are better than the rest of us. A celebrity. A self appointed leader to the ignorant. She has not contributed one thing to society. She lives in a world of self importance and is fueled by her fantasy of self importance. She thinks her twisted “view” of Nurses is reality. We have no talent according to her. We are nothing more than servants to her and the elite in society. On any given day, nurses do more for the good of society than the parasitical “celebrities” will do in a lifetime. Joy thinks she is important because someone told her she was. Nurses are important because we save lives and help people. We help people without clamoring for fame and fortune. Nurses are selfless. If all Americans had the virtues of nurses, America would not be in the sorry shape we are in.The best part of our medical system is our nurses. We work very hard and do so because we care about our patients, not fame or glory. Joy has never helped anyone. How many lives has she saved? She could not carry nurses stethoscope. Yes we carry stethoscopes because we need to. Doctors and patients appreciate us but evidently the “in” crowd does not. Too bad. Nurses have earned respect and Joy has lost mine. Just another reason not to watch the “View”. She makes me sick. When people get sick, who are they are going to call? Joy and the “View”? Sad parasites sucking the blood out of us all. Remember this, Nurses are real and the people that attack us are phonies that do not deserve to breath the same air as a Nurse. I will never forgive them for insulting my profession, never.

  12. Trisharine

    So, I listened, and here’s what I “heard”: Raven Symone called us stupid, Whoopi Goldberg called us stupid. Michelle Collins (who the hell IS she?) “loves and respects” us, and Joy Behar ran her mouth without paying attention. Is that accurate, THE VIEW? Now, let me speak, and YOU LISTEN: Nurses are TRAINED to listen every minute of every day, to multiple things and people at one time, with and without our “doctor’s stethoscopes.” LIVES depend on it. We are paid to “know what we heard.” Nurses also MUST “pay attention” every minute of every day…LIVES DEPEND ON IT!! We pay attention in the patient rooms, in the nurses stations, in the halls, in our non-existent lunch, coffee, and bathroom breaks. We pay attention with our eyes, our ears, our brains (yes, we have those!) our noses, our hands, our intuitions, and our hearts. Most of this, we learned how to do because we “paid attention” through many years of class hours, study, and very difficult and demanding clinical training. So, when we are watching and listening to something as inconsequential as a bunch of magpies on our TV screens, it is EASY for us to “pay attention” and to know what we heard. We are also insulted, abused, and assaulted every day, so we “understand” what that is when it is directed at us. And we do NOT come to work and NOT “pay attention,” Joy Behar, as apparently do you, because LIVES DEPEND on our “paying attention!” We also seldom speak without knowing what we are speaking about, because LIVES DEPEND on it!! If this is how you treat those you “love and respect,” I would shudder to see how you treat those you don’t. You “ladies” have nothing but contempt for nurses, and it showed, and you cannot backpedal your way out of it now. You insulted the WRONG group of people when you took us on, because we are used to standing up…..for ourselves, our colleagues, the health care team, and most importantly, our patients. What do YOU stand up for, hosts of the View?? Ignorance is my guess….and superficiality. You couldn’t do what we do for 5 minutes without crying and whining, yet you condescend to us, and mock us? You have just reiterated your own ignorance. The View is dead….and it’s DNR is long overdue! Don’t know what that is….? Ask a nurse. And oh, by the way…..Miss Colorado’s clothing was NOT a “costume.” It is called a uniform….we leave the “costumes”like gowns and bathing suits to you little show biz girls. Too hard for us to wash the blood and body fluids out of those. #
    This was my comment on THE VIEW’s FB page at the time of the controversy, and I stand by it today.

  13. retired happily

    don’t let me scare you!!!I’m 82-worked till 75 RN; Healthy and wise (don’t fit wealthy!!)Just HAD to write.Re the view? wait till they need a nurse!!! The hurricane irma: – the terrifying realities of this once in many lifetimes event. Then the call “WE need 1000 VOLUNTEER nurses”.- WHY?—;Did they call for volunteer police, firemen, first responders.? These wonderful folks who answer the call – but are PAID -and they SHOULD get paid. Why then is the call for volunteer unpaid nurses. Is their time and talent not worth it? There is not a nurse alive who would not help their fellowman,woman child but why, at such a terrifying time, would nurses be called upon to volunteer – is it because they are mostly women?Did they not struggle to get educated to be able to perform their professional duties? Why then, did they single out the “need for volunteer nurses” – think about it. How about calling for volunteer lawyers!!!!! Why not?