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The beginning of the school year is when I do a mental checklist to make sure I have what I need to start this semester and last through the entire school year.

Interested to hear: Do you have anything to add to my list, or recommendations on certain brands?

  • Book bag : Check their condition. Yes, I said their. I have multiple bags I use depending on the day and depending on the class. I’m a ‘backpack’ kind of student, but I also have a messenger bag. I need to make sure the bags are gonna make it through the semester. Have you ever had the strap of a bag just ‘fail’ on you in the middle of transport? Yep, my books and supplies went everywhere. It was not a pretty sight.
  • Planner : This is almost a moot point these days with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, but I still carry around the traditional calendar planner. I think these days I use it for carrying papers and documents, but I still utilize the calendar in addition to my trusty iPhone.
  • Printer & Accessories : Ever run out of ink mid-print? I always take stock in what I have, and what I need prior to the start of the semester. I’ve noticed I print a couple ‘forests’ worth of paper in the beginning. Everything from course syllabus, outlines, assignments, course schedule, book list, etc., gets printed out for each class. I need to determine what I have and what I need. This includes printer cartridges & paper!
  • Supplies : I try to envision what I do and what I need on hand while I’m in class as well as what I utilize when I am studying (at home and on campus). Everything from pens, pencils, erasers, white-out, sticky-notes, highlighters, bookmark tabs, scissors, stapler (and staples), paperclips, etc. This list is usually pretty long, and I almost always forget something.
  • Storage : How do you store your documents? Where do you store them? Do you use or utilize jump drives? It’s a crazy thought, but some of us still use discs to store data. Do you utilize online storage (in the cloud as they like to say)? Is your online storage maxed out? Is it a paid membership? Is it free? Do you need to clear the clutter out of your storage device to make room for the new data?
  • Study : How do you study? What do you utilize? Do you record lectures? Is the device you use to record operational? Do you need extra batteries? Is it digital – if so do you need to clear the memory for the new data?
  • Notes : How do you organize your class? Are you a spiral notebook kind of person? Or a loose-leaf paper and binder kind of student? Do you utilize folders or tabbed organizers? Make sure you have ample supply of whatever it is you utilize. I have my binders and paper ready to go.

This is a randomly small list of things I inventory each semester. I find it helps make the transition a little less hectic, because we all know how ‘stress-free’ those first two weeks of class are right? Right? (Yes, insert heavy dose of sarcasm now)

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