Nursing school musical

When I was in high school, I used to think about what life would be like if I were in a musical. Same cast of characters, same situations, only everyone’s story would be set to music. What kind of song would fit each mood, and how to dance out the situation would occupy my mind (instead of say… my chem homework?). In musicals, each character is always introduced in a big “look at me” sort of song – what would my song be like? Would it be a pop hit? A ballad? Would it be a folksie tune I could hum with flowers in my hair? It was sort of a game I would play in my mind.
It seems like musicals have become the popular thing now with High School Musical reaching out to kids everywhere, and Glee reaching out to kids…and everyone else (ok, so I admit, I am a Gleek). I love to sing in my car to de-stress and wake up in the morning before a test, and with the popularity of these new shows and movies, I’m starting to finally feel like I am not the only one. So the other day I was driving in to school, after having watched Glee the night before, and singing in my car, and this “musical game” popped back into my head for the first time since high school. And I started to think, “What would my life be like as a musical now?” Would it be a different story? Or a sequel to the first?

Then, an even greater thought popped into my head, “What would life as a nursing student be like if my life was a musical?” How brilliant! If nursing textbooks were set to music, I would learn them in 2 plays, I mean, I can remember songs I haven’t heard in 10 years! Plus, can you imagine just how much more exciting it would be to turn your patients and pass meds if you were set to song and dance?  Walking in to a patient’s room singing, “I want to help if you let me try.., you need trach care and new ties” (to the tune of the first lines in “Baby Got Back” – sorry, it was just the first song that popped into my head!).

So in this great moment of realization, I headed off to school and faced the days work with a tune in mind for every task, and then when I got home, I thought I would do some research online to see if anyone else was picking up musically intriguing (to me at least) concept. And then I found these guys. Two nursing students in Indiana, these guys had the same funky and fun idea, and actually put it into action, creating their own Nursing School Musical.

So if you love the idea and are ready to send a script to Broadway, or even if the thought of singing and dancing to patient care doesn’t tickle your fancy, sit back, relax, and enjoy this little ditty. I hope it brings you as many smiles and laughs as it did for me. And to the two stars of the show – thank you!


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