Nursing stats you’ve never heard of — until now!

The creator of this infographic hesitates to call it an infographic in the truest sense. However, that’s what we’re calling it! And it’s a great one at that! This graphic tells the story about the modern American nursing profession. We were surprised and shocked by some of these interesting statistics and we’re left believing even more strongly than ever before about the importance of honoring and protecting nurses.

Nursing by the Numbers.

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6 Responses to Nursing stats you’ve never heard of — until now!

  1. Cathy Turner

    I would be interested in knowing how many people of employment age used to be nurses, but became dissatisfied with the profession and left it. Who really advocates for nurses…

  2. vpuryear

    Interesting numbers. I live in a city with a population of @100,000. Two good size hospitals in our city both have hiring feezes in place. When nurses leave,they are not replaced. We have 3 nursing schools, yet no jobs for new grads. Guess they’ll have to move away to find the jobs and the $$$$.

  3. Your name

    I enjoy the art of nursing,but administration makes it IMPOSSIBLE to do my job the way it is suppose to. be done, any way they can make a cut they do it… it would be much easier to hire an extra nurse or two , so that when we work we weren’t rushed around and at risk for mistakes. I spend more time doing non nursing duties sometimes than my actual job, it’s ridiculous……

  4. Dani

    It’s funny that there are so many jobs available but yet so many new nurses aren’t able to find positions open to them. The stigma should be lifted off of ALL new nurses. We are not all the same. It should be considered on a case by case basis. I know some new nurses that I would trust my life with, others not so much.

  5. sootie

    @vpuryear: Do you live in MY town? LOL

    @Dani: Yes it is VERY funny how there are open nursing positions and new grads cannot find work.

    There is projection after projection that there will soon be a HUGE nursing shortage and yet most nursing schools are cutting back positions due to budget cuts, instructor shortages, etc. Pretty scarey forecast.

  6. chriso

    True, nurse anesthetists can make 130k but it’s masters level education and a HUGE responsibility. I know bachelors level engineers that make that much and don’t have that kind of responsibility for human life. Plus that same engineer pays < $100 for membership to her professional organization. The ANA is over $200 for membership. A lot of nurses can't afford that kind of money and don't join. As a result, I don't think they really represent nurses, just administrators that can afford that kind of money, which is one reason why nursing is in the state it's in.