Student insanity

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The spring semester has come and gone. I survived – barely. In the interim the wife and I took a mini-vacation get away (that was so rightfully deserved).

Summer semester has begun and the wave of anxiety and fear is ruling my mind and my world. Why is it that the beginning of every semester starts out the same:

  • Read class outline
  • Panic!
  • Read class syllabus
  • Panic even more!!
  • View required reading material
  • Choke back the tears and try not to regress to an infantile state~!!
  • View exam schedule
  • Barely save yourself from passing out after you have hyperventilated enough to fill a hot-air balloon!!!!!!!

*RINSE – AND- REPEAT the following experience for each individual class you are taking*

The start of the semester includes trying to figure out how you can extend the amount of hours in one day because 24 hours is just simply not enough time to complete all that is required.

Also, you begin to bargain with your subconscious and your body as to how much sleep you REALLY need.

The rationing of food and water is optional since all you really need is your favorite choice of caffeine (and in my case that would be coffee).

Oh, did I mention I just purchased a new coffee maker?

Yes, the summer semester has started like a drag race. No easing into it – let’s just leap forward at Mach 1 and see if we can hang on for dear life.

I for one think the summer semester is the TOUGHEST of them all because you have to figure out a way not to be influenced by the oh-so beautiful weather.

Am I the only one (nursing student) that thinks this way? I have been accused of being quite the odd bird.

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11 Responses to Student insanity

  1. Milakaa

    I actually need a new coffee maker =/

  2. Cristy

    This is SO true. I just finished spring semester…we’re on break now. You described the first days of class so well! The last two semesters were that way and I figure the last one will be too.

  3. Alex

    I agree, summer semester of nursing school was the pits. I had to take 16 weeks of Med/Surg, Pharm, and Mental Health in 10 weeks.
    On the plus side, I’m graduating in 2 days, so I guess it wasn’t THAT bad.

  4. Chris

    Hehehehe! That is exactly how I feel at the start of each Semester as well. I am a MSN student and I feel like the academic standards went from the moon to Saturn. I don’t start Summer session for another week, but I am already reading the first few chapters, so maybe I won’t hyperventilate on day 1. :-)

  5. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Milakaa I love my new coffee maker with an insulated carafe!

    @ Cristy Heh heh, thanks for validating my craziness

    @ Alex Congratulations! I have another year of grad school to go.

  6. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Chris Yep! I’ve done that too, it helps to only postpone the insanity. LOL

  7. Karen

    Insulated carafe is the only way to go! Grab the carafe and the backpack and head out the door! Hot coffee all the way to school – and home!!!!

  8. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Karen You got that right!

  9. Tara

    That is so funny! I remember that exact feeling at the beginning of every single class! I have been considering starting my masters and a good friend of mine asked me “the sting of Nursing has finally went away?” hahaha What a nice reminder!

  10. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @Tara – I will have to remember that line. I like it. LOL. Best of luck when ever you do decide to advance your degree.

  11. Abby Student

    Just started first semester, and I’m concerned because I actually have been going to sleep by 10 every night. Am I doing it wrong. A classmate said that he’s going on his third day with out sleep. What material am I not covering?