Nursing student publishes children’s book

Ryan Woorahm Kim, an Orland Park, IL nursing student, recently published his first children’s book, “Gordie’s New Face.”
Kim wrote and illustrated the book, which began as a high school project. At first, he simply tucked the manuscript away. Eventually, he decided to send it out to publishers. In return, he received 14 rejection letters. Tate Publishing and Enterprises, however, was interested, and Kim’s book was published in the spring of 2010.

“Gordie’s New Face” is a tale of friendship, Kim says. The book, which is available on, tells the story of Prince Gordie, whose face is removed by the village sage. According to the publisher, “Prince Gordie had everything a child could want, but did he have what every child needs? When a village sage recognizes Gordie’s lack of compassion, he punishes Gordie by taking away his most prized possession — his face!”

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