Nursing Students, Think You’re Ready For The NCLEX?


So, you think you’re ready for the NCLEX exam? Well, considering the fact that registering for the NCLEX costs $200, it’s best to be fairly confident you’ll pass before taking it. To find out where you stand, try taking our FREE practice quiz at the bottom of this page. Before you take it, however, be sure to review the types of NCLEX questions that nursing students tend to struggle with. Here are some of the most commonly missed NCLEX questions:
New Format Questions

In 2004, new types of questions were added to the NCLEX. Unlike the standard multiple-choice questions that make up the majority of the exam, new-format questions may require students to listen to short audio clips, identify specific items from pictures, or fill in their answers. While the topics tested by these questions aren’t particularly complex in most cases, the formatting tends to throw students off.

Prioritization Questions

By now, you’ve probably heard someone discuss the need to pick the “MOST right” answer when working through certain NCLEX questions. With prioritization questions, this is definitely the case. These types of questions typically contain multiple responses that could be considered correct, but only one response will net you points.

The Dreaded Select-All-That-Apply Questions

Prioritization questions can be a pain, but they’re a walk in the park compared to select-all-that-apply questions. These questions always have more than one right answer, and you need to select all of the right answers in order to get credit. The best way to approach these questions is to break them down and determine what they’re asking for before you start to rule out potential responses.

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