Nursing unions

Image: Hemera | Thinkstock
A month ago or so I wrote an article about the nurse’s union in Minnesota and the ridiculous strike they participated in and how they abandoned thousands of patients in need.  I talked about how I felt that unions are only out for one thing, that is to increase the power of the union.  Not the power of its members, the nurses, but the power of the union leaders.
As I stated in my recent blogs, I am in the process of changing jobs.  I did get a new job that I start in about in a week.  I am really excited about this new opportunity and the new challenges this position will give me.  Here’s the funny thing…it’s a union position!  I have to join the union if I want to work for the organization.

Now to make it clear, I did talk to the Human Resources and even the union representative to find out how I can opt out of the union membership.  But, because the company is based out of another state, and that state does not require that employees have the option to opt out of membership, I am forced to join the union.

This actually makes my point about the power of the nursing union.  Actually it’s not even a nursing union; it’s like the organization of food service workers or something like that.  But, it makes my point of the greed of the union leadership.  The leadership makes sure that they will receive their dues and membership fees no matter what.

To be fair, I will reap the rewards of what the union strong arms the company in to giving the employees, but I don’t feel bad about it since I am forced to pay union dues that I don’t feel I should have to be forced to pay.  If I were allowed to opt out of the union membership, did not have to pay dues, then I feel it would be fair that I did not receive the benefits the union negotiates.

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