Obama thanks you

On the occasion of his inauguration on Monday, January 21st, here is a video of Obama speaking to the American Nurses Association on the morning of September 10th, 2009.

Theresa Brown’s blog post, “A Nurse’s View of Health Reform,” mentioned in Obama’s address can be read at the New York Times “Well” blog.

See more quotes from the President praising nurses here.

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2 Responses to Obama thanks you

  1. Jimmy B

    BO is fishing for support of his health care plan – and is using RNs to leverage his fight. I’m surprised the ANA doesn’t see past the White House’s scripts & teleprompters – & know it’s eing USED. Of course it’s free publicity for the ANA too I guess so it’s a 2 way street. It’s just so fake.

  2. Mrs.Dina Thornton

    I am a nurse and this was very refreshing to me. God bless our President Obama.