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Oh, happy day! Five heavenly shifts you’ll eventually have

iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

Having a rough shift? Don’t fret; eventually you’ll have one of these heavenly shifts that’ll more than make up for it! We share five amazing shifts every nurse will have—one day—and how to celebrate!



Shift One: You get a patient that every nurse on the previous shift has failed to sweeten. Somehow, the two of you get along famously, and the patient ends up writing a complimentary letter to your boss.

The only way to celebrate this shift is with a carefully concealed, silent glow. And champagne.

Shift Two: Things look dark at the start: maybe there’s a Code Brown in one room, a patient with intractable pain in the second, a fall in the third and conflicting orders for the person in the fourth room. You manage to get it all straightened out by lunchtime, and the afternoon is smooth sailing.

The only way to celebrate this shift is by going to bed early. Your feet probably hurt.

Shift Three: You arrive on time, your hair looks great and some thankful patient from a month ago has ordered a delivery from your favorite deli for lunch. You don’t have to bug the pharmacy for any of your meds, your patients are angels and you get canceled four hours early.

Don’t kid me. That’s never happened to anybody.

Shift Four: You hear a physician complimenting your care to another physician.

Celebrate by puffing out your chest for 30 seconds, then realize that this only sets the bar higher.

Shift Five: You’re called off for the entire shift two hours before it begins.

The best way to celebrate this is to take multiple naps and have a nice, big breakfast out. If the weather’s good, take your dog for a walk. If it’s not, curl up at home with a good book. And enjoy!

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