Oh, she was just TOBP. Wait—what?


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There are some things nurses just can’t say out loud. Which is why developing a secret nurse code is not only practical, it’s downright necessary.

That’s where nurse slang comes in.

And because we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the endless variations floating around outside of the hospital you call home, we’ve asked your fellow nurses to share their favorite terms on our Funny Nurses Facebook page.

Needless to say, we think an unofficial dictionary will soon be in order.

1. “ANW: ain’t nothing wrong. For the ridiculous ED check-ins, like a hangnail.” —Kayla B. 

2. “Nurse porn: patients whose veins are so big and distended that you could put a 14-gauge in from across the room. Makes nurses excited.” —Teresa G. 

3. “The Golden Girls: a patient assignment consisting of four old ladies.” —Caryn C.

4. “TMB: too many birthdays. Often used when asked what the cause of death was.” —Katie A.

5. “Terms for falls: Gravity attack, RUSH (rapid unplanned standing to horizontal) transition, adverse reaction to gravity, extreme sensitivity to gravity (frequent falls). Hot Jambalaya: pepper-sprayed patient. Incarceritis: a physical reaction (chest pain, SOB, etc.) brought on by being taken into police custody.” —Mark O.

6. “Teeth to tattoo ratio: inversely proportional.” —Brenda C.

7. “Working in L&D, we would say that a pt needs the ‘party pack’ when she tests positive for the three most common STDs (GC, CZ and Trich). Party pack includes Rocephin, azithromycin and Flagyl….” —Raymond P. 

8. “Oscar: dramatic male patient. Emmy: dramatic female patient. Tony/Toni: over-the-top dramatic patient.” —Mark O.

9. “TOBP: tired of being pregnant.” —Kathi M.

10. “GOMER: Get out of my emergency room.” —Robin S. 

What’s your all-time favorite or most used term? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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