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It seems we hear about the nursing shortage just as often as we hear of nurses sending out resume after resume, unable to find work. put together a list of resume tips specifically catered to nurses, and they recommend that you include an “expertise” section to put yourself ahead of the pack.
This section is perfect for entry-level nurses or experienced nurses looking for a new positions and serves two purposes:

  1. It’s a tidy, bullet point list that quickly and efficiently shows HR your main areas of proficiency and your capabilities as a nurse.
  2. It should include all the important keywords from the job description to help push the resume through the automatic search filters on the application site (so it’s actually read by that aforementioned HR person!).

It’s this second purpose that often gets overlooked. Most workplaces now use search filters on resumes they receive online in an effort to make HR departments more efficient by receiving only relevant applications. And while you certainly shouldn’t attempt to cater your resume to a computer, you do want to fine-tune it to the specific position.

If you’re already a practicing nurse, the expertise list should be fairly straightforward–a list of specialties and other areas of expertise you’ve acquired. This can be a bit trickier for those just out of school, but you can add your areas of focus throughout your education, and any honors earned.

The article also recommends putting the expertise section after a brief “qualifications” section that includes your level of experience and career goals. You should use a third section to elaborate on the list in the expertise section.

Read the full article “Resume Writing Tips for Nurses” at, and be sure to let us know your resume tips in the comments below.


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