“Opinions, Everyone Has One”


6) Make sure to refrain from living off of your overtime money. The last thing you want is to live a lifestyle that you cannot afford without overtime pay. This is mainly related to any large purchases that require a loan: car, house, etc. If for any reason the overtime stops or you are unable to work as many hours, it will put you in a financial crunch. I like to think of overtime as a great way to pay off debt, use to invest, and pay for things like vacations in full to minimize debt.

7) Maintain a healthy diet. Though this may be difficult, anyone can do it. “You are what you eat” is not just a saying, it’s the truth. Feed your body right and see how much better you will feel both physically and mentally.

8)  Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Whether with significant other, family member, friend, coworker, boss or patient, your ability to empathize will positively affect all relationships in your life. I have noticed that when I am able to truly understand how the person feels, my responses are far more appropriate and productive. Closed mindedness can quite often put you in the wrong.

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