Our top five unisex nursing shoes

In the nursing field, both women and men share many of the same goals when it comes to finding the right shoes.

Long-term comfort is, of course, a number one priority for a job that involves extensive walking and standing on hard floors all day! Then, there’s the need to comply with hospital dress codes for shoe type and color. Finally, nurses do think about fashion when it comes to footwear (don’t we all?). Fortunately, there are quite a few unisex styles available today that meet all of the above criteria.

The AnyWear Exact is an injection-molded, slip-resistant clog that offers you firm support…perfect for those 12-hour shifts! It has a unique airflow system to keep your feet cool and fresh and, in addition to traditional colors, now comes in fun, vibrant hues like neon pink (pictured), green, blue and yellow.

AnyWear Exact

The AnyWear Exact uses a unisex sizing chart to simplify distribution. Many other unisex shoe brands still have separate designations for men and women, although the styling is the same. Here are several to consider in your search for just the right shoe.

DBL Anywear
The DBL Anywear clog is one of the best known (and a favorite with our Scrubs magazine readers). The versatile clogs come in navy (pictured), pewter, black and coffee bean brown, so no matter how strict your hospital’s dress code, you’ll still be able to walk in comfort! A women’s size 7-8 is a medium, while a men’s size 7-8 is a large.

DBL Anywear clog

Avia Athletic

As you would expect from the Avia brand, this model looks like a runner’s shoe. It’s available in black (shown below), white, and a wide variety of fun color combinations. The Avia Athletic is definitely one of the more stylish unisex nursing shoes, and it has a good entry-level price. This shoe’s claim to fame is the “Cantilever®” system. Avia claims the concave sole design just under the heel works like a trampoline to reduce impact and put a bigger bounce in your step.

Avia Athletic

K-Swiss Athletic Tubes Run

This is a jogger-style shoe with a wavy rubber outsole (hello, extra stability!) and mesh upper. The shoe has a removable sock liner designed both for moisture control and padding. Nurses love how lightweight these kicks are; they come in a variety of colors, such as blue/black (pictured), neon green, black/pink and black/white.

K-Swiss Athletic Tubes Run

Dickies Triumph
The Triumph step-in shoe has a soft insole with an anatomical footbed to help keep your feet pain-free during those long 12-hour shifts. The lining is moisture absorbent, and the outsole plate is slip resistant. The Triumph comes in black (pictured) and navy.

Dickies Triumph

What are your favorite nursing shoes?

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8 Responses to Our top five unisex nursing shoes

  1. I prefer a good pair of slip on shoes, but they have to be well built and very compfortable, since I do a lot of walking on my twelve-hour shifts.

  2. Your name

    Oh yall are breaking my heart, what about birkenstocks? When I switched to birkis my feet never felt better.

  3. Kelly

    I have super flat feet and am overweight. My feet hurt! Anyone have any suggestions for a good shoe to help with that? I don’t have time to go to a Podiatrist for orthotics (what nurse does?). Sigh….

    • Carla

      You should go to a new balance store if they are available in your area. I swear by my insoles and shoes I got there. They will size your foot, analyze your foot step, and recomend a shoe. I have the 993, by far not the cutest shoe ever, but it is super comfy.

    • GinnyRN

      I have plantar fasciitis and my feet always are killing me…until I switched to wearing Dansko and Sanita clogs to work! They gave me my life back! No longer sore feet or lower back pain! I swear by these shoes and I’ve even switched to wearing their sandals and shoes with my jeans. They make many different styles f shoes and I just got a pair of white Dansko Mary Jane style to wear with my wedding dress! They take a couple of days to get used to, but it’s well worth it. Pricier than other shoes, but your feet are going to thank you!!

  4. Dansko, Dansko, Dansko! The minute I put mine on my plantar Faciitis got better.

  5. js

    Try akesso. Just got em a month ago. Super light, very comfortable (I have flat feet) and i can even clean em.

  6. nursefeet

    This is obviously a personal decision, but I love the Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog. They are comfortable and durable and I barely recognize them all day long, which is exactly what I’m going for.