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Outerwear offers more fashion choices for nurses


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Scrubs are becoming more sophisticated and stylish every season with the addition of new designs and prints. However, scrub tops and bottoms are just the foundation on which nurses can build a complete “look.” Outerwear garments such as warm-ups and lab coats offer a convenient way to dress up scrubs on the job. Here are a few ideas for ways to use outerwear to boost your fashion quotient.

Check the Cut
A cardigan-style warm-up with a deep V front lets you accent patterned scrubs with a complementary color. A jacket with a high jewel neckline can be zipped all the way up for warmth or left open for a more casual effect. These are both great looks for everyday wear since it’s easy to mix and match colors and designs with your scrubs wardrobe.

For days when you want to dress up your scrubs and look especially snappy, consider a jacket or lab coat with lapels like this 28″ lab coat in Cotton/Poly Twill. This is the health professional’s equivalent of a business suit and it looks especially sharp over a solid-color scrub top. Choose outerwear with a flared cut to accentuate (or create) an hourglass look.

Adjust the Length
Lab coats come in a variety of lengths—so don’t just grab the first one you find. If you have a petite figure, consider a blazer-length coat that stops at your hip instead of your knee like this chic, slim fit lab coat. Also look for a three-quarter-length sleeve that will match your frame.

Do you already have a coat that’s too long? It’s worth spending a little time or a few dollars at your local dry cleaner to have it hemmed. Longer lab coats are a better fit for tall individuals and can look especially elegant over a slightly boot-cut scrub pant.

Get Practical
If you use outerwear mostly for warmth, consider a jacket with elastic cuffs. These not only prevent precious body heat from escaping, they also keep your sleeves out of your work.
Consider selecting a style with a zippered front like this warm-up jacket in cotton/poly twill for easy adjustment if you tend to get hotter or colder throughout the day. However, keep in mind that a jacket with buttons or snaps may last through more rounds in the washer and dryer than one with a zipper.

If you want the extra pocket space provided by outerwear, but don’t like the bulk of a jacket or lab coat, consider adding a vest to your wardrobe. Wear it over a long-sleeve knit top in a contrasting color to make a style statement.

Try These Combinations
The printed “Take a Spin” all-cotton warm-up has a lot of potential for slimming your figure with its contrasting side panels. Pair it with blue utility scrub pants with a back elastic waist to stay warm and comfortable at work.

A blazer-style lab coat with a deep V neck like the Notch Collar Lab C is particularly trendy for days when you want to dress up. Try a style with an adjustable back belt so you can get a custom fit without going to a tailor. For a look that is both feminine and professional, consider wearing it over an aqua square-neck top with soutache (braided ribbon) neck trim.

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