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Overheard from the nurse’s station II



It started with a group of us chatting over coffee. “Let’s collect funny stuff we overhear.”

We asked around, posted the idea on Facebook and were inundated with random anecdotes. The first version got a great response, so here are more of your submissions – The Scrubs Team.

Add yours in the comments below and you may be featured in a new installment!
Nurse 1: Did you bring the charts?

Nurse 2: No.

Nurse 1: Why not?

Nurse 2: I didn’t want to.

Overheard by K. Stennis
Nurse to Friend: Were you worried about catching swine flu?

Friend: Not really, I stopped eating pork years ago.

Supposedly overheard by D. Luntz [but we’ve heard this one, too!]
MD: Can you hand me one of those Popsicle sticks?

Nurse: You mean tongue depressors?

MD: You know what I mean.

Overheard by R. Zimmerman
Patient: I don’t have insurance.

Nurse: Don’t worry. Neither do I.

Overheard by A Torres.
Nurse 1: I got a full night’s sleep, but I’m still tired.

Nurse 2: To think, you could have done something fun last night and woke up feeling the same way.

Nurse 1: Now I’m depressed and tired.

Overheard by T. Kimura
Got any more? Share them in our comments below!


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