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Overheard from the nurse’s station


OverheardA group of us + a few two many cups of coffee = this article idea: Some of the stuff we encounter at work is just too good to forget after one retelling. We asked around, posted the idea on Facebook, and got inundated with random anecdotes. Herewith: Some of the funnier snippets of conversations we’ve overheard from the nurse’s station! – The Scrubs Team
P.A.: Do you have any questions?

Teenager: Yeah, will cigarette smoke show up in my urine sample?

Overheard by M. Patterson


Nurse 1: What do you do for stress?

Nurse 2: Yoga and shooting shotguns, mostly.


Female: The medicine made my teeth feel like they were floating in my head.

Male: All of ’em?

Overheard by G. Nunez


Person: I was finally able to repair the coffee table while I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Overheard by K. Chang


Oveheard in a Waiting Room

Mother (to child): Sit down and start acting like you’re sick.

Overheard by D. Ludlow


Guy One: Did you see that nurse?

Guy Two: Which one?

Guy One: The one with the shoes.

Overheard by R. Armstrong


Admitting Clerk: How old is your son?

Man: 27

Admitting Clerk: Then whose child is that?

Man: I don’t know.

Overheard by L. Winslow


Nurse 1: You know what’s longer than a 12-hour shift?

Nurse 2: What?

Nurse 1: A 12-hour shift with no chairs.


Nurse: I’ve been wearing a Batman t-shirt under my scrubs ever since I started working evening shift.


Nurse: The patient’s fine. It’s his mother-in-law I can’t stand.

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