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We asked and you responded! The first, second and third versions of these hilarious anecdotes were so funny that we had to publish more of what you happened to hear while on your shift! Here are the best conversations that nurses have overheard recently.
Family member (on cell phone in the ER): Yeah, as soon as they say mom’s okay we’ll meet you back at the bar.
Overheard by Wendy Herman

Doctor: The patient weighed 8 lbs., 16 oz. at birth [also known as 9 lbs.!].
Overheard by Christy Buettner Pacer

Nurse 1: Do you know Megan’s last name?
Nurse 2: Megan who?
Overheard by Jen

Patient (after hopping onto a bed and breaking wind): Oh, I’m sorry.
Nurse: That’s okay, it’s like music to my ears.
Patient: Well, what kind of music are you listening to?
Overheard by Lana Greene

Nurse 1: So he lost his site?
Nurse 2: No, he can still see.
(Nurse 1 was referring to patient’s IV site!)
Overheard by Stephanie Craig

Patient (on sign-in sheet): OMFG, my ankle hurts like WTF.
Seen by ALE

Share your favorite “overheards” with us in the comments below!


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