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No. I didn’t get fired. Heh heh.

This is yet another student quandary for all the student readers out there. Well I guess this could be for anyone, since at one time or another we have all been students – more specifically your time as a nursing student.

My first ‘stint’ as a nursing student, I utilized a locker for many supplies. I also attended classes and had my clinical fairly close to home. So supplies were not much of an issue for me. What didn’t fit in my bag(s), or what I couldn’t fit into my locker I would ‘store’ in my car – since the parking lot was only a jot down one block. Basically everything I ever needed was in ‘reach’, or was accessible with very little effort.

This time around the nursing school ‘block’ is a tad different. Grad school seems to always present new and interesting challenges for me (I could tell you some stories). The scary part is, I’m just now getting through my first year. I still have another 4 semester to go!!!!


Here’s my dilemma.

How in the world do you pack everything you need for your day of classes and/or clinicals without carrying around half a dozen bags? I’m trying to prevent the “I’ve moved out of my house” look while I’m on campus. It’s as if I’m packing for a long trip that never happens.

Right now I’ve whittle it down to just 3 separate bags. I’m toting around my backpack that has all my note taking materials, folders, class supplies, netbook, etc. The core of my ‘school’ supplies are in my backpack.

Then I have another messenger bag. This is the potpourri bag. Anything I can’t fit in the backpack I’m shoving into this bag. Extra food, layered clothing (the weather where I live is extremely unpredictable), umbrella, clinical supplies (like my stethoscope and other needed materials), and anything else I can think of that I might want or need during my ‘stay’ on campus.

Lastly is my lunch tote. The insulated kind with multiple pockets and zippers to hold my pre-made meals, water, and other miscellaneous snacks.

Let me clarify some things first:

  • I travel a great distance from home to school – in excess of an hour drive one way.
  • I have the ‘marathon’ of classes kind of day – one day a week classes that are back-to-back. Thankfully they are all in the same building.
  • The closest parking lot that I can consistently park my car in is approximately 4-5 blocks away up on the top of the hill of campus (not an easy hill to trek mind you).
  • I am a growing boy! I eat often, and I’m always hungry. I tend to perpetually eat /snack. No joke. I always get the sarcasm from fellow students asking my how much food I bring (a lot).
  • No, I refuse to purchase any food while on campus. I think you know why. (if not read some of my past health articles)
  • I only bring what is absolutely necessary for class time and clinical time.
  • As the semesters progress I’m going to have to bring a change of clothes due to proper dress attire when required.
  • I could rent a locker – but it would be pointless since I wouldn’t’ leave any supplies there overnight.

So my question is, or maybe it’s not really a question but an inquiry. How does everyone else do it? What do you utilize when you have to lug so much around campus? Is there anyway to make this just a tad easier on myself? Anyone have a recommendation on a better backpack or other bag?

Inquiring minds REALLY want to know.

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