Pattie Jackel: A life in nursing photo gallery


David Blumenkrantz

David Blumenkrantz’s professional experience includes an eight-year stint doing documentary work and freelancing in Africa, where he traveled extensively covering a wide variety of relief and development-related social issues. He ran a photography training course for Eritrean freedom fighters in Asmara, and spent more than two years running an information department for the Undugu Society of Kenya, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for street children and the urban poor. Upon his return to the United States in 1994, Blumenkrantz worked for the Los Angeles Times and various other publications as a freelance photojournalist. In 2004 he joined the journalism department faculty at California State University, Northridge, where he teaches documentary journalism and photojournalism.

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5 Responses to Pattie Jackel: A life in nursing photo gallery

  1. Teri Ulmer

    Hi Pattie!
    This is great !
    Miss you, the whole staff at the GCRC at Westwood UCLA!

  2. Barbara Carter

    Great article I really enjoyed it. Your are awsome!!!
    See you soon. Love ya

  3. Ann and Liz

    Pattie, Ann has returned from many months off and we are working together tonight :) Teri told us about your photos. GREAT photos! You look good. I hope you are enjoying your work there.
    Good to hear about your writing a chapter for the book. You are a great teacher and we miss you.LOVE, Ann and Liz

  4. Fe Dizon

    What a great article! I was thinking of you while in Berlin attending the EONS symposium. Dr Kabbinavar was one of the presentors in anti-angiogenesis (Bevacizumab). Miss you a lot, hope to see you soon. Love yah!!!!!

  5. sylvia

    Looking good here Pattie. Miss you absolutely tons. These pics are so YOU. Your patients are most fortunate. Always…. Syl

    Keep on dancin’!